Best Smartwatch under 7000 in India 2022

Best Smartwatch under 7000 in India 2022

Technology is forever progressing to turn impactful devices into smaller, yet just as powerful versions of themselves. This led to the creation of smartwatches that can be considered smaller and easier to carry smartphones. Even though all the features of a smartphone cannot be replicated in even the best smartwatch, some features work just as well on the smartwatch.

Therefore, smartwatches are preferred for getting alerts more easily and to check things quickly without any hassle. However, you need to be well informed about smartwatches before purchasing to get the best out of them.

Our Top 3 Rated Smartwatches Under 7000 in India

Noise ColorFit Ultra
Noise ColorFit Ultra
  • Screen Size: 1.5″ LCD
  • Features: 320*385 Resolution, Aluminium Alloy Body, Multiple Colours, 60 Sports modes, 100+ watch faces, IP68 Waterproof
  • Battery Life: 9 Days
  • Works on: iOS & Android
Realme Smartwatch 2 Pro
Realme Smartwatch 2 Pro
  • Screen Size: 1.75″ HD Touchscreen
  • Features: 90 Sports modes, High Precision Dual Satellite GPS, Blood & Heart Rate Monitor, 100 + Watch Faces, Smart AIoT Control, IP68 Water Resistance Rating
  • Battery Life: 14 Days
  • Works On: iOS & Android
Amazfit GTS2 Mini
Amazfit GTS2 Mini
  • Screen Size: 1.55″ AMOLED Display
  • Features: Personalised Face Watches, 24 Hours Heart Rate Monitor, Built-in Alexa, PAI Health Assessment System, 70+ Sports Modes
  • Battery Life: 14 Days
  • Works On: iOS & Android

7 Best Smartwatch Under 7000 in India

Listed below are the 7 of the best smartwatches under 7000 in India with their specifications, features, and pros and cons as well. Keeping these details in mind, you’ll be able to pick your best budget smartwatch in India.

1. Noise ColorFit Ultra Bezel-Less Smartwatch

We start our list of the best smartwatch under 7000 with the Noise ColorFit Ultra. The Noise ColorFit Ultra Bezel-Less SmartWatch has the dimensions of 4.7 x 3.9 x 1.2 cm and weighs 47 grams. It is compatible with both Android and iOS through Bluetooth version 5.1. The screen display size is 1.75 inches with a resolution of 320 x 385 pixels, and its average battery life can last up to 9 days. Of course, the interface is a touchscreen, and it is made of Polycarbonate material.

The features of this smartwatch include Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep and Step Tracking features, Smart Notifications, SpO2 (Blood oxygen level) monitor, and Multi-sports mode with 60 sports modes available on it.

You can get your health assistant with the NoiseFit App, which helps to inform you about your health and suggest necessary actions. Of course, the call function and Quick SMS reply features are also available. Also, the durability of the smartwatch is another reliable aspect of it.


  • Good display quality
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Decent build quality and design


  • Slightly expensive
  • No built-in GPS
  • Average battery life

2. Realme Smartwatch 2 Pro

Realme is another one of the upcoming companies that have made their mark in the electronics field. Here we have one of their smartwatches, Realme Smartwatch 2 Pro. The dimensions are 25.5 x 3.9 x 1.3 cm, and the smartwatch weighs 90 grams which is around twice as much as the previous smartwatch in this list. It has a lithium-ion battery which gives it an average battery life of 14 days, based on usage.

It has a 1.75 inch HD touchscreen display with the usual features of a smartwatch available such as Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2 monitor, GPS, Accelerometer, Sleep monitor, etc. 

This smartwatch uses Bluetooth connectivity; however, it is only compatible with Android devices with its Android Wear 1.0 OS. Lastly, it is also equipped with 90 sport modes some of which are Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Cycling, Spinning, Walking, Hiking, Basketball, Yoga, Rowing, Elliptical, Cricket, etc.


  • Long battery life
  • Continuous heart rate tracking
  • Built-in GPS


  • Lack of message reply and full-on calling function
  • Inconsistent SpO2 tracking reported

3. Amazfit GTS2 Mini Smart Watch

The Amazefit GTS2 Mini SmartWatch is another exceptional piece of technology under 7000. With dimensions 4.1 x 3.6 x 0.9 cm and weighing in at about 20 grams, it is one of the lightest smartwatches with its Lithium-Ion batteries, which have an average battery life of 7 hours.

The display, however, is especially something to behold. The smartwatch brings a 1.55 inch AMOLED display with a high 314 PPI resolution which gives crystal clear clarity and vibrance to the smartwatch.

It also has Sleep & Stress monitoring with the usual Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2, etc. Some additional features are the built-in Amazon Alexa, GPS, and over 70 sports modes. The design is lightweight and comfortable which makes it suitable for all sorts of activities from day to night. It also has water-resistance of up to 5 atm as well so nothing to worry about there either. Overall, we were really happy with this smartwatch which is why we also listed it in our list of the best smartwatch under 10000.


  • Slim design
  • Inexpensive
  • Variety of available features


  • Replying to messages is not possible
  • It does not track fitness automatically

4. Fire-Boltt Beast Pro Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch

Now, the Fire Boltt Beast Pro Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch is no joke. Whether it is the best smartwatch for women or the best smartwatch for men, Fire Boltt never fails to deliver some of the top smartwatches in India. The dimensions of this smartwatch are 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.1 cm, and it weighs 51 grams. Its lithium-ion battery gives it an average battery life of 48 hours and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Its interface comprises buttons, dial, microphone, and of course it has a touch screen. 

It has a 1.69-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 280 pixels. However, the most intriguing features it has are Voice assistance, in-built games, Bluetooth calling, Gesture Control, Pedometer, Calorie tracker, 8 workout modes, Music and Camera control to name a few. No doubt it is an exceptional smartwatch.


  • Decent sized display
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use interface


  • Lack of GPS feature
  • Lack of Find your Phone feature

5. BoAt Xtend Smartwatch with Alexa Built-in

The BoAt Xtend Smartwatch is a new smartwatch and is often compared to the Fire Boltt Ring. The BoAt Xtend has an in-built amazon Alexa as a voice assistant. You can give simple commands to Alexa to set alerts, alarms & reminders. As for the design, it has a 1.69-inch color LCD with multiple watch faces with customizable options. It even has automatic brightness adjustment based on the environment it is in.

The usual Heart Rate Monitor, Stress monitor, Sleep monitor, and SpO2 are also available features in this smartwatch. Call function and text alerts also get notified easily.

It also has 14 sports modes that contribute to taking care of your overall health. Lastly, the dimensions of the smartwatch are 26 x 5 x 1 cm and weigh at 55 grams which makes it a sturdy and easy-to-use smartwatch. Being able to deliver all this makes BoAt one of the best smartwatch brands in India.


  • Good design and built quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use interface


  • Poor color scheme
  • Average battery life

6. Realme Smart Watch S with 1.3 inch

Now we have the boss of the smartwatches in terms of durability. The Realme Smart Watch S is built with an Aluminium Alloy, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which gives it high durability so there are no worries about the display breaking either. It has a 1.3-inch TFT-LCD touchscreen display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels and an automatic brightness adjustment feature. Of course, continuous Heart Rate Monitor and Sp02 monitor are some of the features along with smart music controls and taking pictures on the go.

Also, fast charging is a huge help as the battery runtime can go up to 15 days with only 2 hours of charge. Additionally, the incredible magnetic charging base makes charging way less annoying and hassle-free. Also, the smartwatch is equipped with 16 sports modes and over 100 stylish watch faces to match your preferences and style no matter who you are and what you like.


  • Good build quality
  • Decent battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Fitness band-like
  • LCD
  • Slightly complicating interface

7. Mi Watch Revolve

For the last smartwatch on this list, let’s start with the basic stats first. The Mi Watch Revolve has dimensions of 4.6 x 5.4 x 1.3 cm and weighs in at 46 grams, and the 420 mAh lithium-ion battery gives a battery life of around 14 hours on a single charge. It has an Android OS with the usual Heart Rate monitor, Sleep and Stress monitor, Body energy level, etc. It has Bluetooth version 5.0 and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

However, these were the basic features and specs. The best part of this smartwatch is its professional sports mode. 

With the Firstbeat motion algorithm which is a leading analytics engine to track fitness and wellness, it can provide professional help for the betterment and wellness of health. Also, the display is an always-on 1.39 inch AMOLED display with over 110 watch faces to choose from.


  • AMOLED display
  • Good battery life


  • No built-in microphone
  • Price got slightly increased

Factors to Consider While Buying The Best Smartwatch Under 7000

Factors to Consider While Buying The Best Smartwatch Under 7000

Before purchasing the best smartwatch under 7000 in India, it is important to keep a few factors in mind that can determine a smartwatch’s specific usefulness to you. With these in mind, you increase the chances of buying the best one within the budget. These factors can determine whether your smartwatch will last for long, if it makes your tasks efficient, or turns out to be just a burden.

1. Design and Build Quality

The shapes and designs of smartwatches vary a lot. They can be square, rectangle, or circle-shaped. Your personal preferences come into play here as someone might find a square-shaped smartwatch more comfortable than a rectangle one. Similarly, since regular watches are usually circle-shaped, some might prefer the same for smartwatches as well.

Also, the build quality plays an important role. Keep an eye on the material that the smartwatch is made of to get an idea of its sturdiness, especially if you wear them during workouts or other heavy and athletic tasks to prevent them from easily breaking.

2. Display Type

Another key factor is the display time. You might’ve heard of various terms like FHD, UHD, IPS, OLED, AMOLED, etc., and these might be confusing. However, it is still easy to understand that AMOLED is the best option out of all. However, if it’s not AMOLED, then make sure that the display resolution is somewhere close to 300 pixels.

3. Water Resistance

It is extremely important to check whether the smartphone is water-resistant or not. One of the main advantages of using smartwatches is to monitor health and fitness details. So if they are not water-resistant, sweat, rain, and maybe swimming (to monitor during swimming exercises) might ruin the smartwatch which would make the entire point of providing health information useless.

4. Battery Life

Battery life, like in every other electronic device, is an integral factor in determining whether the smartwatch is worth purchasing. Since the smartwatch is responsible for notifying you of all sorts of alerts, running out of gas is a serious problem. Imagine missing an important text alert when your phone is silent, simply because your smartwatch ran out of charge.

5. Warranty

Last but not least, while purchasing anything, a warranty is an important criterion that must be met. It is not rare to buy defective products now and then, and ever less rare to break or ruin them in any manner. Therefore, warranties are provided for such unfortunate situations. Therefore, products with longer periods of warranty should be prioritized without any hesitance.


Maybe at first glance, you might wonder whether it is worth it to buy a smartwatch or not. Well, apart from getting easier access to alerts and notifications, and the health-checking benefits, there is another real-life scenario that might change your mind. Imagine checking your phone when you are in a crowded place, like a bus, or imagine sitting in a crowded place and you find it near impossible to take your phone out of your pocket. In times like this, the worth of a smartwatch greatly increases. Now, with all the information provided in this article, you can buy an amazing one for yourself.

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