Best Soundbar In India Under 15000

10 Best Soundbar In India Under 15000

When looking for the Best Soundbar under 15000 in India, many options enter play like sound quality, size of the soundbar, and other audio choices.

A soundbar is a one or two-piece gadget that boosts the noise of your television. If you want to get the Best audio experience while viewing TV or video gaming, you need to have the best soundbar.

Best Soundbar under 15000 In India

Best Soundbar under 15000 In India

If you have the best quality soundbar, you will experience higher clearness and a richer noise each time. Not just for the remarkable audio experience, however you have a soundbar for its aesthetic look too.

A soundbar can add an enticing and contemporary want to your entertainment system. Usually, soundbars are space-saving and smooth, making sure the very best aim is to your drawing-room.

After setting your budget, it will be easier for you to select the best soundbar. 15,000 is a substantial quantity that you can have the very best soundbar in India. Still, if you are concerned about the brands, functions, and general performance, this article should help you. Here, in this post, we will concentrate on the best soundbars in India under 15000.

1. Blaupunkt SBW08 220W

This mighty monster from Blaupunkt produces 220 Watts of loud and thriving noise. And without any glitches or distortions at high volumes.

The Soundbar comes with a subwoofer making it a 2.1 channel stereo. The Soundbar produces the surround sound impact with crisp audio, while the subwoofer includes the extra punch to lower frequencies.

The subwoofer links to the soundbar, and connectivity can be done with HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, AUX and can be controlled using a remote control. Thanks to the Soundbar’s multi-connectivity options, you can link anything from Smartphone, TELEVISION, PC, gaming console to a tablet.

The Bluetooth makes this connectivity easier by making it possible for cordless streaming of music and videos. You can utilize the buttons on the Soundbar or the remote control from Blaupunkt to change tracks or volume. All-in-all, this Blaupunkt Soundbar is the best worth 2.1 channel Soundbar in India!


  • Good movie and gaming performance from the line-in input
  • Includes two AUX cables in the box


  • Wired speaker connection.

2. JBL Cinema SB271

The JBL Cinema SB271 is an affordable soundbar with a wireless subwoofer for easy connectivity. The speaker can be connected to your host device via various connectivity options.

Bass enthusiasts will enjoy the excellent sound quality and deep, rich bass it has to provide. The highs and mids are very well balanced, which enhances the viewing experience, while the lows are also excellent.

Because of the well-balanced sound profile, I was able to tell the instruments from the dialogues fairly well. Although speakers with a higher power in this price range are available, 220W of peak power output produces strong sound. Having said that, sound quality is just as important as volume and power, and this speaker delivers on both counts.

The build quality is excellent, as expected from a JBL speaker. However, the remote design should have been improved. When you connect using HDMI Arc, you get Dolby Atmos, which is a nice option to have and can work well with Dolby-enabled content.

Overall, the JBL Cinema SB271 is the best soundbar under 15000 for watching movies in your living room.


  • Amazing, premium build quality with an affordable price tag
  • Very Rich and deep, powerful bass
  • Well-balanced sound profile


  • The Remote could have been better
  • Doesn’t have Optical input, and the Bluetooth connection has lag issues.

3. Sony HT-S20R 5.1 ch

Sony HT-S20R 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System with Bluetooth Connectivity includes a simple function to manage and setup. The design is relatively compact and conserves a great deal of space.

The sound quality is remarkable; in reality, this can be among the best soundbars under 15000. Sound efficiency is as excellent as that of the leading brands, and this makes Sony HT-S20R a terrific buy for someone looking for a great audio system for their house theatre established.

Dolby Digital soundbar with a design that takes up little area, simple setup and linking to your TV & all your other devices. Expand the listening experience of your TELEVISION with high-performance sound. What do you get with Sony HT-S20R 5.1 Channel?

The 5.1 channel HT-S20R soundbar with cordless subwoofer and Bluetooth connection from Sony is a fantastic choice to experience the audio bliss in your home. It includes several functions such as three HDMI inputs, an NFC connection, and other choices to satisfy your home entertainment needs.

The best mix of multimedia with music and theatre result, the Sony HT-S20R soundbar guarantees high definition sound quality, immersive experience that would boost your watching and listening satisfaction.

Thanks to Sony’s S-Force PRO front surround sound innovation and Digital Sound Enhancement Engine Surround (DSEE HX). Together these innovations produce an acoustic field that broadens the spatial dimension of sound, making you feel like you are best in the middle of the action.

With its cordless subwoofer and built-in Bluetooth function, you can stream audio directly from smart devices, tablets, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Constructed with S-Force PRO Front Surround Sound technology, it provides a cinema-like experience in your home. Sony HT-S20R soundbar likewise has an integrated Bluetooth connection system that enables you to wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or connect several speakers utilizing the S-force link function for outdoor home entertainment or having a party on your balcony or lounge area.

The HT-S20R has dual subwoofers, producing stronger and much deeper bass with a 48Hz bass output to enrich your house cinema experience.


  • Easy plug and play setup
  • Good overall sound output
  • Easy to use remote control


  • No HDMI Pass though

4. Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR-891

Do you want a Soundbar primarily for your TELEVISION, but which you can use for your PC also? Then what you require is a portable Soundbar.

This Portronics Soundbar, for example, is just 46 cm in length (about the length of a 15-inch Laptop).

This suggests it is relatively light-weight (weighs just 930 grams), fits in many knapsacks, and is thus ‘portable.

This way, you can move the Soundbar throughout the house, plug it in (or do not as the battery can last as much as 7 hours) and start playing from any connected gadget. Cooking in the kitchen? Tune in to some Radio.

Video gaming on your PC in a different space? Sure, carry the Soundbar and link it there. Wish to watch some TELEVISION? Unplug or detach it from the PC and reconnect the Soundbar to the TELEVISION. There’s no complex setup included or confusing wires that are difficult to make head or tail of it. And if all these advantages still have not convinced you, the item’s price definitely will!


  • The sound quality is good. 
  • It’s a good wireless bluetooth speaker within this range. 
  • Along with bluetooth, it also allows you to play FM. 


  • Difficult to move around because of its size

5. BoAt Aavante Bar 3150D 260W

With a peak power output of 260W, the BoAt Aavante Bar 3150 is a more premium soundbar. Aavante Bar 3150D is a great speaker for this price range, thanks to its design, build, and audio quality. D indicates it has Dolby audio, which is rare at this price point.

It has a really good minimalistic design that may appeal to many people and goes well with any TV unit. In addition to news, movies, music, and 3D, the soundbar is designed for multiple types of entertainment.

Some people prefer not to tweak the equalizer or change the sound profile manually every time, so I think this is a very useful option. A simple switch allows you to change the mode, and it works well.

The Dolby audio gives more enriched sound with Dolby-enabled content, although you need to connect your soundbar to the host device with HDMI Arc to take advantage of Dolby. I could spot the difference between the non-Dolby and Dolby audio, where the Dolby-enabled content on Netflix made the movie more immersive.

With two satellite speakers, mounting these on either side of your seat will provide a great experience.

With this speaker, I was able to enjoy a wide range of music and movies due to the well-balanced highs, mids, and bass. Specially tuned bass produces a deeper sound and richer lows. If you love the bass component of a speaker, you will definitely enjoy this speaker and have a great time with it.

Overall, this is a great Dolby soundbar under 15000 with satellite speakers and well-balanced sound profiles.


  • Dolby Audio at an affordable price
  • Great looking soundbar design
  • Two satellite speakers for a surround sound experience
  • Amazing Bass


  • Sound profiles could have been balanced better

6. JBL SB120

The JBL Cinema SB120 is a problem-free soundbar, with a built-in subwoofer to deliver deep bass. It integrates 110W of power, 2 full variety motorists, 2 2.5″ woofers and Dolby Digital to deliver powerful noise for the ultimate listening experience.

There’s no requirement for another box and additional cables around your space. Enjoying deep bass was never ever this simple and practical. The JBL Cinema SB120 is also Bluetooth-enabled so you can play your preferred music wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The one cable connection with HDMI ARC offers a streamlined user experience and provides a high speed and remarkable quality connection to suitable gadgets with a single cable.

If your concept of a soundbar is merely an upgrade on your TELEVISION speakers, SB120 represents an excellent budget plan option. It’s slim, incomparably designed and incredibly easy to utilize. This soundbar automatically switches to standby after 10 minutes of button lack of exercise and no audio/video play from a connected gadget.


  • Bring the movie experience to your house with embedded Dolby digital.
  • Room filling sound of 110W.
  • Built-in subwoofer provides deep bass and cinematic delights.
  • Simple and hassle-free setup.
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth.


  • Sound by means of HDMI ARC is not good as expected.

7. JBL Cinema SB231

JBL Cinema SB231 is another soundbar from the mid-range class speakers from JBL. Cinema SB231 is from the lineup as the SB271 but costs less and has fewer features.

It features a 2.1 channel with 110W peak output power, which is half of that SB271 listed in this article. The 110W output reduces the loudness and bass considerably, but that is not what this speaker excels in.

The speaker produces extremely clear sounds despite lower loudness and less powerful bass. The lows, mids, and highs are well-balanced, making it an amazing experience for watching movies. It has Dolby, which further enhances the movie experience with Dolby-enabled content.

Given the lower loudness, this speaker is ideal for the smaller-sized room since it won’t perform well in a larger room. Having said that, if you like listening to music with higher bass, this soundbar is not for you but for watching movies; this soundbar will give you clear sound in dialogues, background music, and apt sound crescendos.

The construction of the speaker is plastic, and there is nothing extraordinary, but the design is minimalistic and looks pleasing.

JBL Cinema SB231 is a great budget soundbar under 15000, especially if you have a smaller room and enjoy watching movies more than music.

understand that this Soundbar also works with your TELEVISION’s push-button control!

This JBL Soundbar merges quality, dependability, and functionality in one distinctive Soundbar!


  • Incredibly clear audio
  • Really well-balanced sound profile
  • Dolby audio


  • It is not very loud
  • Bass is not powerful enough, especially at lower volumes

8. Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL

The Sonic B200WL includes a 160W peak power system (80W RMS) that thumps out an immersive deep bass noise all around your home. In addition, you can connect gadgets seamlessly with numerous connection options by means of Bluetooth, USB, AUX and Optical Input.

The wireless subwoofer uses well balanced sound and additional deep bass, so you can experience supersonic noise throughout your motion picture, music and home entertainment needs.

Additionally, the exceptionally smooth compact design will fit perfectly into any house.

The easy to navigate multi-function remote includes Dedicated Bass Boosting Controls to increase or decrease the output according to your choice. With 3 different equalizer modes for Movies, Music and News, you can listen to your tv material with precision tuning.


  • Deep Bass SoundNo HDMI port.
  • Wireless Subwoofer.
  • Multiple connectivity choices.
  • Stylish design.
  • Value for cash.


  • No HDMI Port.

9. Zebronics Zeb Jukebar 9200

Zebronics JukeBar 9200 is a fantastic line of home theatre systems, and this is the best one for the money. The Dolby soundbar and wireless dedicated subwoofer combo is a steal at this price. People who adore bass in movies or music will appreciate the connectedness.

The soundbar itself has six drivers, resulting in good, clear sounds. This features dedicated tweeters, which help to provide clean sounds.

Although I enjoyed the clarity of the dialogue and voices, they could have been better. The only disadvantage is that it does not allow manual equaliser adjustments but instead has preset sound profiles that you may switch between.

I thought the default sound profiles were decent, and you may adjust them to suit your needs.

Even so, you can benefit from Dolby Atmos if you connect over HDMI or eARC because of the incredible sound quality and support for it. In terms of construction quality, I was impressed by its angular shape and thought it was reasonable given the price it commands.

The remote is well-designed, and the speaker has a sufficient number of connectivity choices to provide a complete experience.


  • Incredibly well-balanced sound profiles which offer clear audio
  • Deep bass and delivers a loud sound
  • Dedicated tweeters in the six drivers help in audio clarity.


  • No manual sound tweaking
  • Sub-woofer gets disconnected if put on standby for long

10. JBL Cinema SB261

We all understand that JBL is known for its best quality of audio gadgets and it is among the most enjoyed brands in India.

If you are searching for the best JBL soundbar under 15000 then this soundbar is for you. JBL Cinema SB261 is been launched in India in August in 2015 with all the best requirements.

Taking a look at the soundbar, the design is really simple and sleek. It comes with a shiny black surface which makes the gadget appearance extremely appealing. The gadget can be wall-mounted very quickly and comes with a subwoofer to increase the audio experience.

The sound quality of the soundbar is genuinely excellent and gives a 220W sound output. This JBL soundbar is equipped with Dolby Digital technology which will boost the audio quality and will offer an actually good sound. So, when you enjoy action motion pictures, listen to music, or play video games you will experience the best sound quality.

The cordless subwoofer provides an additional bass to the sound so that your home entertainment increases more while watching motion pictures or listening to your preferred songs.

Discussing the connectivity, you can connect any of your gadgets with this soundbar. It has built-in Bluetooth for cordless connectivity and you get HDMI-ARC, optical ARC, AUX-IN, and USB port for wired connectivity. So, no concern relating to connectivity options.

To control the soundbar, you will get a remote. Through this remote, you can control all the performance of the soundbar very easily. You also get buttons to control the device which is located on top side of the soundbar. So, no problems for managing the soundbar.

Overall, JBL has introduced a great soundbar with Dolby technology and includes 1 year of service warranty. So, you can consider this soundbar.



  • Dolby Digital technology.
  • All connection alternatives.
  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • Simple design.
  • 1 year of guarantee.

How To Choose The Best Soundbar in India Under 15000

There are a couple of crucial requirements to think about when buying a soundbar. Below are the elements that you can consider while selecting the soundbar in order to get the very best for your house.

5.1 Soundbar Vs. 2.1 Soundbar

The 2.1 or 5.1 system simply tells you how many speakers are incorporated. If it is a 2.1 soundbar system, 2 speakers and a subwoofer (incorporated or external) are consisted of. To make it possible for a basic stereo sound, you always need a minimum of 2 speakers. So ensure to always buy at least one 2.1 system.

A 5.1 soundbar, which is also often described as a Home Theater System, has five speakers and an incorporated or external subwoofer. You can position these loudspeakers in the space in such a way that you get authentic surround sound.

Connectivity: It is also important to note which connections the preferred soundbar has. Can you connect the device to the TV with an HDMI cable television or is there a Bluetooth function?

With higher-quality models, you can likewise link through WiFi, which you will discover instantly in the purchase price. In many cases, however, it is entirely adequate to depend on a Bluetooth function and maybe look for options such as an easy jack plug, a USB connection, or an HDMI cable television.

Dolby Atoms: With the channel details, a couple of items list another number in the end– like 5.1.1. This spec refers to an extra speaker, known as Dolby Atoms. Atoms is an upwards shooting speaker that reflects sound offering an optimum depth of noise.

Smart Soundbars: Soundbars are not simply speaker units anymore. Smart soundbars with Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled are offered to make your life simple and your viewing experience hands-free.

Size of the Soundbar: A somewhat less technical element is the size and the optimum load of the soundbar. Depending on where you wish to put the soundbar, you must ensure that it is not too big.

Efficiency: A crucial criterion when you want to purchase a soundbar is the efficiency, which most manufacturers state in a wattage. You can compare these numbers, however the significance of this comparison is low. It is better to compare the RMS worths of the gadgets, where the following uses:.

In a room with a maximum of 15 square meters, an RMS output of 50-100 watts suffices. In bigger rooms, you ought to focus on a power of about 200-300 watts Basically, you must not use the soundbar to the maximum. So you ‘d much better purchase a gadget with more power if you want to be on the safe side.

Accessories: Some manufacturers provide a wall bracket for attaching the soundbar, others need to buy it individually. In addition, not every company likewise offers all the cable televisions you might require for a setup in your living room. You can always buy them in addition, but it would be good if they were included in the plan.

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