Best Soundbar Under 10000 Rupees In India

Best Soundbar Under 10000 In India

Television technology has gone through decades of evolution which has given us the sleek LED models that we get today. Unfortunately, the integrated speakers do not carry the satisfying sound quality that the earlier bulky models could accommodate. Therefore, you need to buy additional speakers to match your television, and there is no better option than Soundbars.

Soundbars are thin and elongated speakers which can easily be placed under your television. They are known to provide great sound quality, especially when paired with a subwoofer. Following are some of the best Soundbars that you can get for under 10000 rupees in India. If you have a higher budget, then you can check our list on Best Soundbars In India Under 15000.

Best Soundbar In India Under 10000 Rupees

Best Soundbar In India Under 10000

1. Blaupunkt SBW100

Blaupunkt is a German company who have been perfecting their audio technology for almost a century. Though they do not have any global outreach, they are one of the most wanted brands in Europe finally making their way to India. 

The Blaupunkt SBW100 is one of the best soundbars under 10000 available in the Indian market today. It is very energy efficient requiring 130W of electrical power. The soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer which provides super bass and clear treble. As a wireless subwoofer, you can place it anywhere in the room without worrying about unnecessary wires. 

The subwoofer provides 360-degree surround sound which gives you a great, theatre-like cinematic feel. The subwoofer comes in an aesthetically pleasing wooden panel that goes with every decor style. 

To improve your audio experience, you can choose from a multitude of audio modes on your soundbar. You can choose audio modes like music, movie and news. These modes analyze the sound coming out and optimize it for great audio quality and enhance clarity.

Blaupunkt knows how annoying it could be leaving your seat. To avoid that inconvenience, the SBW100 comes with remote control. You can use it to control all the functions of the soundbar from your couch. Options like play, pause, volume, bass, treble and music mode switching can be done with the remote control. 


  • 130W output
  • Super Bass and Treble
  • 360 degree sound experience


  • Cracking static in the woofer
  • The HDMI connection isn’t clear

2. boAt Aavante Bar 1500

boAT started as a small Indian brand a few years ago but has today become one of the leading audio electronics brand. They are known for developing some of the best headsets and portable speakers for a margin of the price other companies are charging. 

boAt Aavante Bar 1500 is a soundbar that will go great in your living room due to its great surround sound quality. It is a very energy efficient soundbar and consumes only 80W of electrical power. It comes with a 60W subwoofer which provides 360-degree surround sound without consuming a lot of electricity. 

The subwoofer provides 2.1 surround sound with strong bass and very clear treble sound. It is perfect for having an engrossing cinematic experience. Wether you are watching an epic movie or playing a long campaign on your console, the subwoofer will capture even a whisper and make you feel the soundtrack in your bones.  

The soundbar comes with multiple connectivity options and gives the user a range of option to choose from. You can connect to it via USB or optical aux. There is also remote connectivity which will allow you to enjoy 3D stereo surround sound from two-channel sources. To better optimize the sound quality, the soundbar uses high-end equalizer technology based on your input source to match your entertainment and audio needs. The audio modes include movies, music and news along with a 3D model to create the best sound profile.


  • 80W power output
  • 2.1 channel surround sound
  • 40W Subwoofer
  • Remote control


  • Poor Bluetooth connectivity

3. Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers

Xiaomi, or MI as it is commonly known, is a Chinese company well known globally for its smartphones. While that being their forte, they are also adept at creating a lot of audio devices. The MI soundbar is one of the most aesthetically pleasing soundbars on this list. 

The MI Soundbar is one of the best soundbars in India under 10000  which comes integrated with 8 speakers. The sound quality provided by this speaker is very engrossing and will improve your viewing experience. Whether you watch a movie, play music or play a game the sound quality will make you feel like you are in the world you are watching. 

It has a very simple user interface and can be set up within a few seconds. The soundbar can accommodate a frequency range from 50Hz to 2500Hz, giving you a static-free audio experience. While it doesn’t come with a separate subwoofer, the MI Soundbar is more than capable of creating an immersive bass.

The soundbar gives you a wide range of connectivity options like S/PDIF, optical, Aux-in and Line-in connections. This means you can connect to any TV set and mobile device without any problem. As a wireless option, you can also connect to the soundbar via 4.2 LE Bluetooth which provides a fast response time.  As a lightweight and sleek design, it is very easy to place the soundbar wherever you feel comfortable. There are also slots available in the back which can be used to mount the soundbar to avoid taking up any floor space.  


  • Good performance for the price
  • Sleek and aesthetic design


  • No remote control
  • Holds one Bluetooth device at a time

4. JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar

JBL is recognised for creating great quality audio devices like headphones, earphones and speakers. They are known to provide clear and amazing sound quality. Their devices are very aesthetically pleasing and do not cost a lot when compared to other devices with the same performance.

The JBL Bar Studio is one of the best budget soundbars that you can find in the market today. It is a very energy efficient soundbar, providing surround sound quality sound with a Power Output of 30W. It is an all-in-one soundbar with an integrated dual-bass, which means it doesn’t have a separate subwoofer. It doesn’t matter as the soundbar can provide a clean and static-free base without the clutter of having a subwoofer. 

The bar comes with multiple connectivity options like optical, AUX, USB and HDMI. You can connect to the soundbar to your TV and Smartphone with any of these connectivity options. Choose the port which provides you with the best audio quality. As a wireless option, you can stream on the soundbar via Bluetooth. While the soundbar comes with its remote control, your TV remote control can also be used to control the play, pause, and volume of the soundbar. 

The setup process for JBL Bar is very simple. Plug into a power source, connect to a device of your choice and you are ready to go. Enjoy high-quality surround sound best suited for an immersive cinematic experience.


  • 30W power output
  • Full access remote control
  • JBL Surround sound


  • No HDMI cable in the packaging
  • No Digital display

5. Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL

Infinity is a subsidiary of JBL with the responsibility of creating amazing quality audio devices which can provide JBL standard sound without being as costly as some of their high-end models. The Infinity Sonic B200WL is one of the best soundbars that are on this list. 

The Sonic B200WL is a soundbar and subwoofer combo device which provides big bass sounds paired beautifully with clean treble sounds. It has a power output of 160W, which is on the higher end but is acceptable considering the size of this setup. The deep bass created by the Subwoofer can be felt in your soul when playing on your console or watching an epic saga on the television. You will feel like you are in the middle of the battlefield with your playable character. 

This soundbar gives you many connectivity options and you can choose whichever connection is providing you with uninterrupted sound quality. The Soundbar comes with a USB, AUX and optical input connection which are compatible with any television or mobile device. To keep you mobile, you also have a connection via Bluetooth option available to you.

The Subwoofer can provide 2.1 surround sound which engulfs the entire room in its bass. To make things better, the subwoofer connects to the soundbar wirelessly, which means it can be placed in the room based on your preference. A remote control gives you the option to control play, pause and volume. You can also navigate through the three equalizer modes to optimize the sound quality based on what you are watching.


  • Balanced Sound Quality
  • Thumping bass
  • Wide compatibility


  • No HDMI port
  • Heavy design

6. boAt AAVANTE Bar 1700D

This is another boAT Aavante model on this list. This line of products was created keeping this in mind who like to have a theatre viewing and audio experience at their homes. The boAT Aavante Bar 1700D is a soundbar and subwoofer setup that will help you achieve great surround sound quality.  

The Aavante Bar 1700D is created for someone who likes to experience great sound quality but can’t spend much. It is a very energy-efficient model, requiring only 60W power output to provide great sound quality. While the soundbar helps great crisp and clear treble, the subwoofer can provide very rounded and immersive bass quality.  The Dolby audio quality provides 3D cinematic surround sound.

The soundbar provides many connectivity options to its users. You can connect to the soundbar using AUX, USB, optical and HDMI ports. You can connect the soundbar to your television or mobile phone using any one of these ports. Choose the one which provides you best sound quality. Another way to connect to the soundbar is via Bluetooth 2.0. This gives cable-free connection and a larger range of motion.    

The sleek design makes it an aesthetically pleasing design that goes well with any home entertainment setup. The remote control gives you control over volume and plays/pause while helping you change equalizer modes. 


  • Dolby Digital cinematic sound experience
  • Easily accessible soundbar controls


  • Average built quality

7. Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9000 PRO

Zebronics is a brand that has recently gained recognition amongst audiophiles for its great sound quality at cheap prices. Their low prices should not be confused with poor quality. They believe in creating quality audio devices that are financially accessible by everyone. The Zebronics Zeb-Jukebar 9000 pro is one of the best soundbars in Indian under 10000 rupees which will provide you theatre-like sound quality. 

The Jukebox 9000 Pro is a great soundbar that comes with a separate subwoofer to give you an immersive bass. It is a very simple and energy-efficient model which requires an audio output of 60W from both the soundbar and the subwoofer.

The soundbar provides Dolby Digital Plus quality surround sound which will make you feel the soundtrack in your bones and make you feel like you are standing right next to your playable character in a game. 

The sleek and beautiful design is aesthetically pleasing and goes with any home decor. It perfectly fits in with any home entertainment system. It comes with multiple connectivity options like USB, AUX, HDMI and optical cable. Connect to the soundbar with the port that provides you with the best sound quality. To give more mobility, you can also connect to the soundbar wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0. 

The soundbar comes with four 7 cm drivers and two tweeters. The combination of this six help you experience sound like you have never before. The clear treble of the soundbar is paired beautifully with the bass of the subwoofer to provide complete sound quality perfect for every audiophile. 


  • Powerful bass
  • Dolby digital plus support


  • Wired subwoofer
  • No HDMI Arc cable in the box


1. Is Soundbar Good For Gaming?

Soundbars come in varying prices and features. There are many soundbars in the market today which are best suited to be paired with your television for a basic viewing experience. However, these soundbars do not do well with gaming consoles. There are soundbars that you can get specifically for gaming. These are smaller in size and have dedicated features that are specific for a better gaming experience. 

2. What Is The Best Soundbar For TV?

There are many soundbars in the market today which will pair perfectly with your home entertainment system. The one soundbar which has been considered the best for LED TV is the Blaupunkt SBWL02. Its German-built surround sound technology and great connectivity options allow you experiencing great sound.

3. Do Soundbars Work In Large Rooms?

Soundbars are best suited for entertainment setups kept inside a small to medium-sized room. Soundbars have a great sound quality and if paired with a woofer, they can provide great surround sound which makes you feel you are inside the television. 

Unfortunately, their sound quality starts to fade as the size of the room starts to increase. They do not function as well in a large room as the output is not strong enough to resonate in a room with a large area. Tower speakers could give a better sound quality in a large room.

4. Is Soundbar Better Than Speakers?

When discussing soundbars and speakers, it all comes down to the size of your room where you will be setting up the entertainment system. As mentioned above, ideally a soundbar functions well in a small room as the sound bounces off the walls more efficiently for an immersive audio experience. 

If your entertainment system is in your living room which has a large floor space, then you are better off using speakers. If you get a set of four speakers with a subwoofer, you can strategically place these speakers in each corner of the room to provide a better surround sound experience.  

5. Do I Need A Subwoofer With Soundbar?

Not every soundbar comes with a subwoofer. Many companies develop high-end soundbars which come at budget prices which do not include a subwoofer. The woofers integrated into a soundbar are good enough to provide you with a good bass experience. 

However, if you are an audiophile who likes to feel every gunshot and explosion in your bones, then you should consider a subwoofer. A subwoofer will help you add great surround sound to your entertainment unit. It’s even better if your subwoofer is wireless as it can be placed anywhere as per your requirement. 


With the slimmed-down televisions today you need to purchase an additional audio output device to fully experience your entertainment system. Soundbars are a great addition to this system and will enhance your viewing experience many folds. 

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