Boat 441 vs 441 Pro vs 621

Boat 441 vs 441 Pro vs 621: The Real Difference

In this day and age, wireless devices have become the new norm. Almost every possible wireless device available is prioritised over the same device if it is wired. At the top of the list of wireless devices are earbuds. Wireless earbuds solve many issues that are faced when using a wired one.

Wireless earbuds are easier to use during jogging, dancing, workouts, and they also free you from the hassle of getting the wires entangled. Therefore, we have compiled the differences between BoAt Airdopes 441, 441 pro, and 621 making it easier for you to choose any one of them.

BoAt (Brand Overview)

Boat Logo

The BoAt brand/company is relatively new when compared to brands such as JBL, but older to brands such as Boult. BoAt was established only six years ago in 2015. It is a consumer electronics brand that grew from Indian soil. The Imagine Marketing Services Private Limited got incorporated in the month of November of 2013 by its co-founders Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta and are in business with BoAt.

The company sells wireless earbuds by the brand name of Airdopes, which are truly decent for the cost charged. They also sell tethered wireless earbuds under the name of BoAt and Rockerz. On-ear and Over-ear headphones are sold by BoAt through the brands named BoAt, Rockerz, Nirvana, and almost all mobile accessories.

They also sell portable wireless speakers, and on the more expensive side, they sell all kinds of Home Audio equipment. The company markets and promotes its brand through social media and sponsorships. This has led to BoAt being a trusted brand for audio listeners throughout India.

1. Boat Airdopes 441 Review

The BoAt Airdopes 441 is an incredible pair of wireless earbuds. The earbuds provide Bluetooth connectivity and have a 35mAh battery in each bud, The case itself has a battery of 500mAh, which can get both the earbuds fully charged quite a few times.

This is comparatively less than competitor earbuds such as the Mivi Duobuds M40 and other BoAt Earbuds. The case is charged with one of the most common yet quick Type C charging ports. 

The buds are also somewhat waterproof and come with a 12-month warranty. Also, the capacitive touch control is integrated, which can be used to adjust volume, play/pause, change track and even make calls by simple tapping variations. No wonder it is one of the most selling earbuds.


  • The buds are handy and stylish
  • Very lightweight, which provides ease in carrying and using.
  • Good sound quality with high bass
  • Comfortable fit in the ears


  • Average charging speed
  • Smaller battery capacity (compared to Airdopes 441 pro and 621)

2. Boat Airdopes 441 Pro Review

The BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro is the later version of the Airdopes 441. Even though there are not many differences, a few make a huge impact and make the Airdopes 441 Pro superior to the Airdopes 441. It has the same Bluetooth connectivity, a Type C charging port, is waterproof, and has a warranty of 12 months. Even the capacitive touch controls are similar. 

The only differences are the design, the available colour variants, and the battery life. The buds still have the 35mAh battery each, similar to the Airdopes 441. However, the case of the Airdopes 441 Pro has a whopping 2600mAh battery.


  • It provides better noise cancellation
  • It has a good design and fit for the ears
  • Comfortable even for long hours of use


  • It cannot be shared with multiple devices
  • It takes 1 and half hours to charge fully
  • Heavier compared to the Airdopes 441

3. Boat Airdopes 621 Review

The Airdopes 621 comes with more colours to choose from with a slightly different design. Also, the case has a digital indicator instead of a light indicator like the Airdopes 441 and 441 pro. Even the compatibility of the 621 buds is better as it is compatible with all possible Bluetooth devices. 

The Airdopes 621 provides the same touch controls as well. The only other major difference has to do with the charging. The charging port is the same Type C, and battery life is 35mAh each for the buds and 2600mAh for the case. However, the charging time is 45 minutes, unlike the Airdopes 441 Pro, which requires 1.5 hours to charge fully.


  • Best Sound quality between all three
  • Good bass (according to reviews)
  • Faster charging (takes up to 45 minutes only)


  • Taking calls is slightly bothersome
  • Average battery life (still better than the Airdopes 441)
  • These are the heaviest amongst the three.

Boat Airdopes 441 vs 441 Pro vs 621: Comparison

BoAt 441BoAt 441 ProBoAt 621
DesignAngled design with wingtips.Rubber buds with touch panels in the exteriorRubber tips and wingtips for extra comfort
Control And FunctionTouch ControlsTouch Controls + Special 3D Light IndicatorsTouch Controls + Digital Indicator
Sound QualityStrong And ClearHigh Quality With Noise CancellationBest Sound Quality With High Bass And Noise Cancellation
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 + Wake n Pair Bluetooth 5.0 + Voice Assistance
Battery Life70 Hours350 Hours350 Hours
Weight48.5 Grams104 Grams106 Grams

1. Design

The BoAt 441 earbuds have an angled design which helps them fit perfectly with wingtips that lock onto the walls of the ear to keep them from falling. Also, the case is compact with light indicators.

The Boat 441 Pro earbuds are lightweight and made with rubber, which helps them stay in your ears comfortably, even if they are worn for long. A touch panel can also be found on the exterior.

The BoAt 661 earbuds have rubber tips along with wingtips that help them fit firmly in your ears. Also, the case is made of premium plastic with a digital indicator for the charging details.

2. Control and Function

The BoAt 441 earbuds have touch controls that allow users to take calls, change volume, and even change tracks by tapping. The case also has light indicators on them.

The BoAt 441 Pro earbuds have similar touch controls to change volume, track and take calls, and special ‘3D’ light indicators on the case.

Of course, the Airdopes 621 also has similar touch controls for volume, tracks, and calls. However, the digital indicator on the case is something to look forward to.

3. Sound Quality

The 441 earbuds can deliver strong and clear sound quality with high bass, which is hard to receiver for earbuds. However, these are not noise-canceling buds.

The sound of the Airdopes 441 Pro also does not differ too much from the 441 in delivering clear, high-quality sound with noise cancellation.

According to pleased customers, the Airdopes 621 can deliver the best sound quality between the three earbuds with high bass and noise cancellation. 

4. Connectivity

The 441 earbuds have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 versions with a 10m range and are compatible with both IOS and android devices. They also have the IWP feature.

With the Instant Wake n’ Pair feature, the 441 pro also has the Bluetooth 5.0 version equipped with a range of 10m and is compatible with IOS and android devices.

In addition to voice assistance, the 661 earbuds can be connected to all devices of Bluetooth with their Bluetooth 5.0 version with a range of 10m.

5. Battery Life and Charging Time

The BoAt 441 earbuds each have a 35mAh (5 hours) battery life, with the case at a 500mAh battery. It takes around 1.5 hours for the case to get fully charged.

The 441 pro also has 35mAh (5 hours) battery for each earbud, but the case has a 2600mAh battery. This too takes 1.5 hours for a full charge.

The Airdopes 621 has a battery life of 35mAh (5 hours) for each earbud, and the case has a battery life of 2600mAh. However, the case gets charged fully in 45 minutes.

6. Weight and Dimension

The Airdopes 441 is the lightest one with a weight of a mere 48.5 grams, and the dimensions are 3.8 x 3.05 x 7 cm, to be exact.

The Airdopes 441 Pro is slightly heavier than the 441 weighing around 104 grams, with the dimensions being 53 x 86 x 31 mm to be exact.

As for the Airdopes 621, these are the heaviest amongst the three weighing 106 grams with dimensions 8.9 x 5.3 x 3.2 cm.

Boat 441 vs 441 Pro vs 621: Which one is better?

Now that we have completed the BoAt Airdopes 441 vs 441 pro vs 621 comparisons, it is time to pick the best one for you. Well, the first thing is the preferences in colour. Check which colour and design suits you the best and is most comfortable for you. 

As far as the features, the 621 has the best battery life and charging speed, and if you fancy a digital indicator, it also has that. The prices between the three buds range between Rs. 2500 to Rs.3000 and always seem to change. So try and get the best timing to get them for the cheapest price possible.

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