Boat Rockerz 510 vs 600

Boat Rockerz 510 vs 600: Which Is Better?

Almost everyone likes to enjoy music. A good headphone helps us enjoy our music. “Boat” is one of the most well-known brands that comes to mind when discussing the best music experience. Boat is an Indian brand that competes with brands such as JBL, Boult etc.,and produces consumer electronic products like earphones, headphones, speakers, and more. 

Wireless headphones are in trend, and many users like using them. Boat Rockerz 510 and Boat Rockerz 600 are both fabulous Bluetooth headphones and provide great features. Many music enthusiasts cannot decide which headphone is better between these two. 

If you are one of them, then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to compare Boat Rockerz 510 vs Boat Rockerz 600. This will give you a clear idea and help you decide which Bluetooth headphones are best for you. 

Boat Rockerz 510 vs 600 : How They Differ

1. Boat Rockerz 510

boat rockerz 510

The Boat Rockerz 510 is a stylish Bluetooth headphone with amazing features. These headphones support dual-mode. This means you can connect these headphones either by using a Bluetooth connection or by using an AUX cable.

These headphones are very easy to use as they provide control buttons on one side of the earpads. Using these buttons, you can receive and decline calls, control the volume, and more. 

The Battery life offered by these headphones is up to 10 hours with a 400 mAh battery, which can be fully recharged in just two hours.

The company claims that these wireless headphones have a standby duration of 180 hours. It offers amazing bass and HD sound quality. These headphones come in different color variants. All of these feature make the the BoAt Rockerz 510 one of the best gaming headphones under 5000.

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2. Boat Rockerz 600

Boat Rockerz 600

The Boat Rockerz 600 is one of the best Bluetooh headphones under its price segment. These headphones have a great build quality and provide a classic look. You get a fantastic sound quality from these headphones. These headphones have buttons on the side of the earpads. These buttons help you to receive and decline calls, control the volume, and more. These control buttons provide a premium feel. 

The headphone’s battery life is outstanding. These headphones come in two colors options: black and brown. The Black variant has a 300-mAh battery, and the Brown variant has a 450-mAh battery.

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Boat Rockerz 510 vs 600: Specifications

FeaturesBoat Rockerz 510Boat Rockerz 600
ColorsRed, Green, Blue, OrangeBlack, Brown 
Drivers50mm Dynamic40mm Dual Drivers
Battery Capacity400mAh 300 mAh (Black), 450mAh (Brown)
Item Weight230 grams160 grams (Black) 290 grams(Brown)
Battery Average LifeUp to 10 HoursUp to 8 hours (Black) Up to 20 hours (Brown)
MicrophoneYes Yes 
Bluetooth transmission range10 meters10 meters
Headphones Form FactorOn-EarOn-Ear
Product Dimensions19 x 7.5 x 20 cm26.8 x 22.8 x 9.4 cm

Boat Rockerz 510 vs Boat Rockerz 600: The Detailed Comparison

boAt Rockerz 510
BoAt Rockerz 600
boAt Rockerz 510
BoAt Rockerz 600
50mm Dynamic
40mm Dual Drivers
Other Features:
Other Features:
Master Control, Dual Modes,
Master Control, HD Sound Quality, Built in Alexa,
20 Hours
8 Hours
1 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty

Now we will compare each characteristic of Boat Rockerz 510 vs 600 in detail. The factors we will compare are Design, Drivers, Battery Capacity, Colour Options, Weight, Price.

1. Design

The Boat Rockerz 510 is made of strong plastic and has faux leather ear pads. This makes these headphones very comfortable. These headphones provide a sporty look and can be used for jogging or workouts.

The Boat Rockerz 600 has an excellent build quality and has faux leather earpads. When you compare Boat Rockerz 600 vs 510, you will notice that Rockerz 600 has better build quality. They provide a premium feel, and their earpads are foldable. Whereas in Rockerz 510, you can not fold the earpads.

2. Drivers 

The Boat Rockerz 510 is equipped with a 50mm dynamic driver, which delivers a thundering bass. Every single beat and thump of the tune will be audible to you. 

The Boat Rockerz 600 is equipped with 40mm dual drivers. So when you compare Boat Rockerz 600 vs Boat Rockerz 510, Rockerz 600 will provide better sound quality and treble performance.

3. Battery Capacity 

The battery life offered by the Boat Rockerz 510 is up to 10 hours with a 400 mAh battery, which can be fully recharged in just two hours. It provides a standby duration of 180 hours. While the Boat Rockerz 600 has a 450 mAh battery capacity which lasts up to 20 hours.

The battery life for another variant of Rockerz 600 is 8 hours as it has a battery of 300 mAh. By comparing both Boat Rockerz 510 vs 600, you can clearly see that Rockerz 600 will provide a better battery backup.

4. Colour Options 

When you want to select headphones for yourself, the color options play an important role. The Boat Rockerz 510 comes in four different color variants: cheerful red, beautiful green, Mi-blue, and vibrant orange.

The Boat Rockerz 600 is also available in four different color variants: Royal-Black, Muddy-Brown, KXIP Red, and MI-Blue. Both the headphones offer many variants of colors. You can choose any color according to your preference. 

5. Weight 

The comfort of headphones also depends on their weight. You can use the headphones for a longer period if they are lighter in weight. The Boat Rockers 510 and 600 weigh 230 grams and 290 grams, respectively.

The Royal Black variant of Boat Rockerz 600 weighs 160 grams. If you compare Rockerz 510 vs 600 (except the Black variant), Rockerz 510 is lighter. If you want more lightweight headphones, the Rockerz 600 black variant is a better option.

6. Price

Price is an important factor for deciding which headphone is better. The Boat Rockerz 510 comes in a price range of 1500 to 1600 INR. The Boat Rockerz 600 comes in a price range of 1900 to 2000 INR. It’s clear that Rockerz 510 is cheaper. 


Both the Boat Rockerz 510 and 600 are amazing Bluetooth headphones. There are some similarities and some differences. Both the headphones have control buttons on the earpads and have faux leather earpads. The Rockerz 510 is cheaper, lighter, and supports dual-mode. 

While the Rockerz 600 has better drivers, foldable earpads, and better battery life. Rockers 510 have a sporty look, while Rockerz 600 has a premium feel. Both the headphones come in four different color variants.

In my opinion, Boat Rockerz 600 is a better option. You get better build quality, better sound quality, better battery life, and the price difference is just 300-400 INR. But it depends on your preference.

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