How to charge the bluetooth headset

How To Charge The Bluetooth Headset? ( 3 Methods)

This article is for you if you recently purchased Bluetooth earphones and want to know how to charge them properly, whether you own boat 441 or mivi earbuds or earphones from any other brands.

If you want to know other ways to charge your Bluetooth earphones. I’ll go over how to charge Bluetooth earphones and different types of charging for earphones and earbuds.

Charging your earphones or earbuds may appear difficult at first, but it will be a piece of cake after reading this article.

There are numerous earphones, headphones, and earbuds on the market, each with a different price range, feature set, and technology. Depending on your earbuds and earphones, there are various methods for charging Bluetooth earphones.

How to charge Bluetooth Headphones, Earphones, Earbuds

There are several ways you can charge your Bluetooth headphones. The method you use for charging your headphones may also depend on the product itself since not every Bluetooth headphone has multiple options for charging.

It also depends on whether you have headphones, earphones, or earbuds, as the charging method differs based on the essential design of the product itself.

The following section will tell you how you can charge your Bluetooth headphones, earphones, or earbuds

Method 1 – Charging Wireless Earbuds With a Charging Case

Charging Bluetooth earphones with a charging case requires the use of a lightning cable or a micro-USB cable. With earbud technology, a charging case is a must-have. The charging case works by retaining charge and using the retained capacity to charge the earbuds. Keep your earbuds inside the charging case for a quick charge.

You can later use the earphones while charging your case. You can use the device while also having a portable charger ready for your next session. Connect your case to a USB cable, plug it in, and wait for the charging light to illuminate.

The charging case charging method only works with earbuds or AirPods since they are the only ones that are small enough to put in a portable charging case. Charging cases are not available for headphones since they are large and primarily use a different charging method.

Airpods aided in the creation of a digital revolution in the way we listen to audio. There are many brands available in earbuds segment these days from India and other countries, including Boat, JBL, Boult, and Noise, among many others.

Method 2 – Charging Wireless Earbuds With Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is when you don’t need wires to charge the device. You can place the device on the wireless charger, and it will charge automatically without any connected wires.

Wireless charging is a relatively new technology that is slowly becoming mainstream. Wireless charging is not found on many devices and is mostly found in more expensive and premium earbuds, earphones, and headphones.

Wireless charging can be a little expensive as it needs a wireless charging station or a charging pad. It should be noted that not every device will have the support for wireless charging since it needs a separate piece of hardware in the device.

Wireless charging can be really handy since it eliminates the need to use wires. The wireless charging station can be placed on your desk. A charging pad is widely available on websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Connect it to the charging pad with a wire and place your Bluetooth earphones on it. The case must be closed and facing the charging mat. You can see the device effortlessly charging the battery.

Method 3 – Charging Wireless Earbuds With USB

Bluetooth earphones work best when connected to a computer via a USB cable. Using the cable, connect your Bluetooth earphones to the wall charger. It is preferable to use a wall charger with the highest power rating that the line can support.

You can charge your earphones with any electronic device that has a USB port. All you’ll need is a USB cable. Laptops, gaming consoles, televisions, speakers, and other devices can be used to charge it.

Your earphones do not need to be compatible with these devices as long as they have a USB port. You can also use your phone or tablet to charge the Bluetooth headphones. This option necessitates the use of an OTG cable.

Examine your headphones’ USB ports. If it’s USB type C, you’ll need an OTG cable with a USB type C connector on one end and a USB 3.0 male connector on the other.

If your earbuds have a USB 3.0 port, an OTG cable with USB 3.0 male connectors on both ends is required. Connect the OTG cable to the headphones and the phone, one end to the other. After you’ve finished connecting, make sure the headphones start charging.


Charging Bluetooth headphones is pretty easy, but there are multiple ways to do it. USB charging is the most common method, and wireless charging is the best for convenience. While wireless charging can be expensive, USB charging or charging from a case is available as a default.

If you are looking for the most common and easy way to charge your Bluetooth earphones or headphones, USB is the best method since they are available easily, and in case you forget your charger, and you can use any other USB cable to charge your device.


It is always good to charge your Bluetooth earphones until its fully charged. All Bluetooth earphones have an indicator to alert when the charge is complete. It is always recommended to charge your earphones to around 95% and never keep it at a low charge.

Most Bluetooth earphones come with indicators to indicate whether your earphones are charging or not. Many Bluetooth earphones also indicate how much the earphones have charged. By the LED indicators, you will get to know if your earphones are charging or not.

Most of the earbuds in the market have a system of having 3 LED lights which all light up when charging is complete or your earphones have charged completely. Some earphones light up in white LED as opposed to the red LED when the charge is full. It should be noted that the indicators might differ for some products, and you can check the manual if you are still confused about the indications.

The charging time and capacity depend on the brand and the product you are using. Many earphones nowadays come with fast charging, which usually completes the charging in about half an hour. Without fast charging, most of the earbuds take about 2 hours to charge completely. The bottom line is that the charging time changes with the capacity of your earbuds’ battery.

Yes, you can charge the case without the earbuds in it. The case has a separate battery in it which is charged and kept for backup and to keep your earbuds charged whenever it is in the case. Although, whenever you are charging the case, it is better to have your earbuds in it if you are not using it since it will also charge the earbuds fully.

The number of times that you might want to charge your headphones will vary on factors like the battery capacity, your usage and the capacity of your charging case. If you are using your headphones for 2-3 hours in total daily, you might not need to charge them daily. As a rule of thumb, you can charge your headphones to full capacity every 2 or 3 days depending on your usage.

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