How To Reset Nothing Ear (1) Earbuds

How To Reset Nothing Ear (1) Earbuds

It is no doubt that the Nothing Ear (1) wireless earbuds are an incredible piece of audio technology. However, its uniqueness can sometimes be troublesome for its users. Despite all the great things it has to offer, its functioning is slightly different from other wireless earbuds.

Therefore, if for any reason you wish to reset Nothing Ear (1) buds, you need to follow a few steps carefully and correctly. Familiarise yourself with the steps to reset Nothing Ear (1) Earbuds, as well as explore the different reasons why you might need to reset the earbuds in the first place.

Steps To Reset Nothing Ear (1) Earbuds

Step 1. Add the buds in the case

Reset Nothing Ear 1

Firstly, find both the earbuds of the Nothing Ear (1) and put them inside the case in their predefined positions. You can confirm if you feel the magnet clicking when they are put inside. Remember, this is crucial to reset Nothing Ear (1) buds as the process would not work unless both the buds are inside the case.

Step 2. Close the case

How To Reset Nothing Ear (1) Buds

Once you have got both the Nothing Ear (1) buds inside the case, you need to close the case’s lid. None of the functionalities of the Nothing Ear (1) buds work unless the case is closed, as it acts as an indication that the buds are inside the case well and safe and are ready for further instructions.

Step 3. Press the Side button for 30 seconds

How To Reset Nothing Ear (1) Buds

Lastly, here comes the method to reset the Nothing Ear (1) buds. To do this, find the power button on the right side of the case. After you find it, you need to press it. Now, of course, simply pressing it would not work. Instead, you need to press and hold it for at least 30 seconds. Once you do, you will observe a green light indication that confirms the earbuds’ resetting.

You will now observe that the device is not available on your phone’s Bluetooth list until you switch it back on, which shows that it is available for pairing. You can connect it to your Android or iPhone device. You can also refer our guide to connect Nothing Ear 1 buds to iPhone.

With this, you have now successfully reset your Nothing Ear (1) earbuds to solve the issue that you were facing with the device.

Why Do You Need To Reset Nothing Ear 1 Buds?

Many issues might force you to reset Nothing Ear 1. These might be from simple “switching on” problems to serious audio desync issues. Some of these reasons might be:

  • Despite being paired and connected to your phone or any other device, there is no audio output.
  • If the audio is static or breaking up.
  • The audio is not in sync with the video. i.e., the audio plays either before that part of the video or after that part of the video.
  • The earbuds get disconnected on their own now and then without any sort of error indication such as low battery.
  • The earbuds do not show on your phone despite being switched on.
  • Even though they are on and showing on your list of available devices, it is having trouble getting paired or connected.

All these are valid reasons for you to try resetting your Nothing Ear (1) Earbuds or any other earbud such as the OnePlus Z2, Bullet Wireless Z and any other earphone.


If you were having any of the mentioned issues with your earbuds and were wondering how to reset Nothing Ear (1) Buds, then that is the reason you came across this article. Hopefully, we could provide all the necessary information in a clear-cut manner to solve your problem.

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