How to Reset Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z

How to Reset Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z

Over the years, OnePlus has delivered several amazing peripherals to us. Right from smartphones to smart TVs, the Chinese tech giant has it all. And now, OnePlus has slowly started making a mark on the audio industry as well. The company recently unveiled the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, it’s latest in-ear headphone to feature in 2021. As expected, the Wireless Z features impeccable architecture.

The latest Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity comes with a strong, stable, and quick connection with a 10 feet radius. Meanwhile, these in-ear headphones are fully compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Then there is the quick-charge feature that lets you stream 10 hours worth of content in a short 10-minute charge. However, despite all these features and an impeccable feature, these in-ear headphones are also prone to issues.

The majority of the users have reported oneplus bullets wireless z connection problems. If you too find your oneplus bullets wireless z not connecting, then we have laid down this troubleshooting that will walk you through how to reset oneplus bullets wireless Z.

How To Reset OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z?

If you are encountering oneplus bullets wireless Z connection problems, then your best bet is to reset your headphones. This will restore your in-ear headphones back to it’s factory settings meaning that you will need to reset those headphones. To reset onesplus bullets wireless Z,

  • Put on your earphones
  • Now, simultaneously press Volume Up And Volume Down for 3-4 seconds
  • Wait for a beep
  • The beep signifies that your in-ear headphones are restored to factory settings.
  • Post the reset; you will need to pair your earphones with your smartphone once again.

Benefits of Resetting OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

If you start encountering connectivity issues on a newly purchased device, then resetting that device is perhaps your bet. Resetting your device helps you resolve any issue occurring in your device that hampers the overall functioning. This reset is often useful when you transfer the ownership of your device from yourself to someone else. A reset allows you to plan your system in a systematic manner without compromising your device’s memory whatsoever.

One of the primary benefits of a reset is that it resolves an issue in the least possible time. It makes your device work just like the way you have brought it. Moreover, this step is the most helpful if your device is unresponsive in certain conditions. It can be carried out easily and also remotely in case of loss of the device to ensure the security of your data. Hence, you should always try resetting your earbuds even if you are facing issues in other buds such as the Oneplus Z2, Nothing Ear (1), etc.

The Bottom Line

Connectivity issues are always frustrating. These issues tend to get even more frustrating when they occur in a newly purchased device. Therefore, if you encounter oneplus bullets wireless Z connection issues, then you can use our troubleshooting guide on how to reset oneplus bullets wireless z. A reset option is a viable option in case one has exhausted all the other possible fixes.  

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