HP 410 vs HP 419

HP 410 vs HP 419: The Real Difference

It is challenging to find printers that are worth their price. There is always one better than the other, and there are always better deals for one or the other. However, if you have considered purchasing a printer from HP.

We believe the HP 410 and 419 are quite the pick. They’re reliable with a tonne of features to offer. However, we still need to decide which one is the better between the HP 410 vs 419. Find out which printer best fits your needs from the information given below.

HP (Brand Overview)


The Hewlett-Packard Company, or usually called HP, is one of the most commonly used computer electronics brands globally. Since its products have a large variety even in terms of quality and cost, it provides devices at average and luxurious prices.

The company was founded in 1938 by two friends from work, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. They received their first order from none other than Walt Disney, which was an oscillator called “HP Model 200A”. From there on out, the company widened its horizon of options and got into all sorts of electronic products that they could offer.

With their first laser printer launched in 1984 called the “HP LaserJet,” the company has grown to what we see today. HP has it all for their dear customers, from expensive high-end devices to affordable, budget ones, From laser Printers to thermal and inkjet printers. Therefore, we are looking into two of their products: The HP 410 Printer and the HP 419 Printer to compare and find the better one.

HP 410 Printer Review

The HP 410 Printer is a multifunctional printer which means that it is capable of scanning, copying, and printing. It is also a wireless model, making things easier for the user. Even without a router, the printer can work through a Bluetooth LE connection.

The printer can deliver high-quality prints without compromising its speed. The printer can print up to 8 black and white pages in a minute and up to 5 colour pages a minute.

Additionally, the ink cost is low for a printer that can print up to 8000 color prints and 4000 monochrome prints on a single refill.

HP 410 Printer Specifications


  • Spill-proof ink bottles
  • Copying and scanning features are available as well
  • Low-cost ink (10 paise-B&W, 20 paise-Colour)
  • Fast and good quality, which is great for bulk printing


  • The ink tank is slightly disappointing
  • It makes slight noise while printing
  • No auto-duplex feature is available

HP 419 Printer Review

Like the 410 printer, the HP 419 printer is also a multifunctional one that allows it to scan, copy, and print. It can scan with a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi thanks to its CIS flatbed scanner.

Also, its compact design is suitable for offices and homes. The printing speed is also on par with 5 ipm for colour prints and 8 ipm for monochrome prints.

While the print speed is fast, the quality and resolution do not falter. With up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, the printer delivers high-quality outputs.

The printer can be connected to any printing device with the help of a USB connection and WiFi to use the printer simply through your phone wirelessly.


  • Extremely efficient ink tank
  • Affordable low-cost ink
  • Various connectivity options are available


  • Slightly loud when working
  • No auto-duplex feature available for this printer
  • Lack of automatic document feeder
HP 419 Printer Specifications

HP 410 vs HP 419 Reviews Compared

HP 410 Printer
HP 419 Printer
HP 410 Printer
HP 419 Printer
Compact Printer with integrated ink tank and LCD screen.
Compact Printer with integrated ink tank and LCD screen with a light blue coloured top.
Copy Scan & Print
Copy, Scan & Print with CSI flatbed scanner
USB 2.0, WiFi connection, and a Bluetooth LE connection
USB 2.0 & WiFi connection
Additional Features
Additional Features
Voice commands with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant
Voice commands with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant
4.6 Kilos
4.7 Kilos
1 Year
1 Year

1. HP 410 vs HP 419 Design Compared

Both the HP 410 printer and the HP 419 printer deliver a compact size which is best for offices and homes where they do not take up a lot of space. Also, both the printers have an LCD screen of 7 segments and an icon LCD.

The printers also have an integrated Ink Tank which makes it easier for its user to check the level of Ink within the printer. The only differences are its appearances, where the HP 419 has a light blue coloured top which makes it slightly more stylish and attractive than the HP 410 printer.

2. HP 410 vs HP 419 Functions Compared

As far as the features go, both the printers are pretty similar here. Both HP 410 and HP 419 printers can copy, scan, and print. However, the 419 has a CSI flatbed scanner which is slightly better than the HP 410 printer. The printers are compatible with A4, B5, A6, DL, and envelope paper size prints which makes this printer useful in various situations as per the user’s needs.

Also, the quality of the prints and scans is high, with a resolution ranging from 1200 x 1200 dpi to 4800 x 1200 dpi. Since all the functions are similar, the printers are also similarly priced, both printer are around ₹15000. If you are searching for printer that are cheaper, have a look at our article “Best Printer under 10000” and the “best printer under 5000“.

3. HP 410 vs HP 419 Connectivity Compared

In terms of the various types of connection options available for the printers, the HP 410 printer takes the lead over the HP 419 printer. This is because the 410 printer provides connectivity through wired USB 2.0, WiFi connection, and a Bluetooth LE connection. This is not the case with the HP 419 printer because even though it has USB 2.0 and WiFi as its means of connectivity, it is not compatible with Bluetooth connections to print.

4. HP 410 vs HP 419 Additional Features Compared

Apart from the main features of the HP 410 and 419 printers, some additional features can be pretty useful based on the user’s preference. Both the printers provide borderless printing, and even though they do not offer auto-duplex printing, it can be done manually. However, that is not exactly it.

Both the printers have an incredible voice activation system which means that they can take voice commands with the help of Alexa or Google Voice-assistant.

5. HP 410 vs HP 419 Weight and Dimensions Compared

The difference in the weights of both the HP 410 printer and the 419 printer is very low or almost none, so much so that the difference is considered insignificant. The HP 410 printer and the HP 419 printer weigh from 4kg 600g to 4kg 670g with the dimensions 525 x 553.5 x 256.6 mm. 

As you can see, the dimension and weight of both the printers are the same. However, the additional blue top of the 419 printer might make an insignificant slight difference. Therefore, there is nothing to be concerned about regarding the weight and dimension of the printers.

6. HP 410 vs HP 419 Warranty Period Compared

When purchasing the printer, either the HP 410 printer or the HP 419 printer, the company provides a warranty of 1 year or 12 months. This includes a replacement warranty, which means if the printer gets damaged in a way beyond repair, a new printer will be provided free of cost as a replacement for the damaged one. However, if the printer is repairable, the necessary will be done by an HP repairman from the HP support and services.

HP 410 vs 419: Which one is better?

Now the most crucial question, which is better? There are not really that many differences between HP 410 and 419 printers. Both the printer can scan, copy and print. Previously, it was only the 419 that had voice assistance; however, that changed when the 410 was also made compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistant.

Therefore, the only significant difference to keep in mind should be that the 419 is an Ink Tank + Inkjet printer, and the 410 is Bluetooth compatible. Therefore, the user’s preference determines the better option between the two.

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