is boat a chinese company

Is Boat A Chinese Company? Boat Is Which Country Brand?

The boAt is a well-known audio company that has produced several excellent earphones. They began with charging cables and small accessories before moving on to earphones and headphones.

After a few years, the boAt has become one of India’s most well-known audio brands. Its founder, Aman Gupta, who rose to prominence as a “shark” on Shark Tank India, continues to enjoy popularity.

Boat not only makes audio products, but it also makes excellent smartwatches and is a popular and well-known brand in India. Their products have received positive feedback from the general public, and their popularity is growing due to excellent products and increased sales. People often ask is boat a Chinese company? but how true is that? Let’s find out.

About boAt Company? Is Boat a Chinese Company?

is boat an indian company

The boAt is a well-known brand that began by providing high-quality charging and data transfer cables before expanding into other electronic products. They were also the first in the Indian market to offer low-cost audio devices such as neckbands, portable speakers, and wireless earphones.

Aman Gupta and Sameer founded the boAt in 2014 after recognising a huge market in India for affordable high-quality audio products. Keeping this in mind, they quickly became a popular brand among many. They have a huge selection of headphones, earphones, and speakers in all price range to cater to a wide audience.

According to the IDC India Monthly Wearable Device Tracker, boat is the number one wearable brand in India. They are the top brand in the smartwatch with the highest market share as of 2021.

Best Boat Products

1. Boat Aavante Bar 1160 60Watt

BoAt Aavante Bar 1160 is a more budget soundbar from boAt with a peak power output of 60W. Aavante Bar 1160 is a great speaker in this price range mainly because of its design, build and audio quality.

To begin with, it has a really good minimalistic design that may appeal to many people and goes well with any TV unit. The soundbar is made for multiple forms of entertainment as it offers different modes such as news, movies, music, and 3D for an enhanced experience.

This is a very useful option in my opinion because some people prefer not to tweak the equaliser or change the sound profile manually every time. This gives a simple switch to change the mode and it works well to suit the need.

Because of the well-balanced highs, mids, and bass, I was able to enjoy a wide range of music and movies with this speaker. The bass has been specially tuned to produce deeper and richer lows.

If you love the bass component of a speaker, you will definitely enjoy this speaker especially this budget price range, that makes boat aavante one of the best soundbar under 10000 and easy to your pockets to have a great time with it. 


  • The minimalistic design and good build quality
  • Rich and deep bass
  • A well-balanced sound profile.


  • Peak power is just 60W which could have been higher in this price range.
  • No Dolby Audio or DTS.
Power Output60 Watt
ConnectivityBluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
Signal Noise Ratio 72Db
Frequency Response 55Hz to 20Khz

2. Boat Airdopes 441

Just like boat 441 pro and boat 621 airdopes, boAt Airdopes 441 is a truly wireless earphone that lacks stems but feels comfortable to wear. Bluetooth connectivity was flawless, and the average range is approximately 8 metres to 10 metres in the absence of major obstructions.

In terms of sound quality, it is excellent for an earphone at this price and has good bass. The bass is rich but not deep, which is fine for earphones, and I certainly did enjoy watching movies or listening to music in this.

The one disadvantage of these earphones is that they cannot be used for gaming due to audio lag, which can be extremely annoying. Unless you’re only interested in gaming, this is not a great earphone for the price.

In terms of battery life, it has a good battery backup where you can charge from the case about 3-4 times and expect around 3-4 hours of music with each charge. Overall, it is a good-value earphone if you are going on a run with music or just chilling at home listening to some music.


  • Light and fits nicely in the ear
  • Good sound profile


  • Audio quality can get distorted at higher volume
  • The mic is not apt at filtering out noise outdoors.
ConnectivityWireless and Bluetooth
Battery Life25 Hours
Playback Time5 Hours
Driver6 mm
Voice Assistant Yes
Sweatproof and IPX7 Water Resistant Yes

3. boAt Wave Lite Smartwatch

One of the more budget smartwatches from boAt. Despite the price, it has some great features on par with more premium smartwatches. I noticed that the design of the smartwatch was strikingly similar to Apple’s smartwatch but on a budget.

It is not a bad thing but it also doesn’t provide anything new in terms of design. The boAt Wave Lite has a 1.69-inch square dial display.

Although the display is a standard TFT LCD, it has a good contrast ratio and brightness for comfortable use. Aside from that, it has a slew of features geared toward fitness enthusiasts.

It has 10 different sports modes from Cycling, swimming, and yoga to skipping. I was happy with 10 sports modes instead of having 20 different useless modes. The 10 modes were enough for any normal user and along with the sports mode, it carries sensors and trackers like SpO2 sensor, steps tracker, heart rate monitor, etc. The battery life is good too.

I was able to use the watch for a week on a single charge which is great for this price range. It is even really light to wear which is a good feature to have. Considering all these features and price, boat wave lite is truly one of the best budget smartwatch in india comfortable to your pockets.


  • Lightweight
  • High brightness
  • 10 useful sports modes


  • Design is uninspiring 
  • Steps counter can be inaccurate
Dial size1.69 inch
Bluetooth connectivityV5.0
Battery Backup7 Days
Water ResistanceIP68
Charging Time2.5 Hours
Warranty1 Year


The boAt is an amazing company that is founded by Indians in India and serves a wide range of consumers. It has amazing products and a very long list of products that they continually improve upon. The boAt is one of the most valuable electronics brands in India and it is definitely people’s favourite.


Yes, boAt is an Indian company. It is often confused to be a Chinese brand but it is not. Aman Gupta and Sameer founded the boAt in 2014 after recognising a huge market in India for affordable high-quality audio products.

Yes, boAt manufactures its own products but that was not the case always. It used to import things like charging cables, and cheap earphones and sell that under its brand in India. But, that has changed now since the company grew to heights. It now manufactures its own products, some in China and some in India.

A lot of products of boAt are manufactured in China and most of it was manufactured in China in the early days of the company. Although that has changed now. Many products are manufactured locally in India after the government’s push toward local manufacturing. There are still products from boAt which are manufactured in China but they are working towards producing more and more products locally in India.

The boAt is a privately owned company by Aman Gupta and Sameer Gupta who own a majority of the stake in the company of more than 50% combined. Aman Gupta is the founder of the boat and Sameer Gupta is the co-founder. The boAt also has other shareholders who own a stake in the company like Southlake, Fireside Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures.

The boAt is one of the top audio companies in India. Their market share is 48% in the industry which is because of their products. They have a huge list of headphones that serves a wide range of consumers with different budgets. Serving a lot of different consumer bases, they have perfected their headphones over time and most of their products are great value for money.

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