List of Smartwatch Manufacturers in India

List of Smartwatch Manufacturers in India

Smartwatches in India have become very popular wearable among the masses. Before the advent of budget smartwatches, only a handful of smartwatches like Fossil existed that made premium smartwatches.

Chinese smartphone makers entered India, which lacked innovative features and were cheap-looking smartwatches. Slowly, the Indian smartwatch company list grew and started offering value smartwatches which brought smartwatches into the mainstream.

Made in India Smartwatches

The entrance of Indian smartwatch companies did not mean that smartwatches were manufactured or made in India. It was coming in from China. But, lately, many companies have started making smartwatches in India. Some of them include boAt, Ambrane, Timex, and more. Here is a short brief history and some of the products of each such Indian company.

1. Ambrane


Ambrane was established in 2012 as a company with a vision to offer smart electronic gadgets in India. They started with power banks, which were a big hit and cemented Ambrane as a brand. Ambrane was also the first brand to start manufacturing fully indigenous power banks, completely made in India.

Later they entered the audio market with speakers, earphones, headphones, and accessories like cables and chargers. They have a wide variety of smart electronics, including trimmers, dryers, and IoT products. Although the number of products in each category is less, they cater to a wider variety of product lines.

Soon after, they also entered the space of smart wearables. They were among the earliest in the industry to manufacture smartwatches in India and became one of the earliest Indian smartwatch brands. 

Now, they are spread across India with a customer base of over 20 million and a sprawling network of 400 service centers. Some of their most popular and loved products are listed below.

  • Ambrane Stylo Powerbanks
  • Ambrane Dots Hype Truly Wireless Earphone
  • Ambrane Curl Smart Watch
  • Ambrane Sphere Smart Watch
  • Ambrane Capsule Power Bank

Best Ambrane Smartwach – Ambrane Curl Smartwatch

Ambrane Curl is a sleek looking, value smartwatch with a 1.28-inches display and round dial design. It has a host of features for monitoring your health 24*7, including a heart rate sensor, Blood pressure monitor, Breath mode, Step count, sleep mode, stress monitor, SpO2 monitor, menstrual cycle tracker, and Sleep mode.

You get the option to use your camera and control music remotely. It also gives you access to a total of 10 different sports modes. Talking about the battery life, it is decent and will give you around 15 days of battery life, depending on your usage pattern.


  • No lag in using the smartwatch
  • Accurate monitoring
  • Good build quality


  • Long time for charging
  • Lower brightness
Dial Size1.2 Inches
Resolution 240 x 240
Connectivity Bluetooth
Waterproof IP68 Waterproof
Battery Life 15 Days
Standby Life 25 Days
Special Features 24×7 Health Monitoring, Heart Rate Monitoring, SP02, Blood Pressure tracker, 10 Sports Modes, 1 to 5 Level Brightness Settings
Warranty1 Year

2. Boat


The boAt is a well-known brand that started by offering quality cables for charging and data transfer and slowly transitioned into other electronic products. They were also the first in the Indian market to offer budget-value smartwatches (Smartwatches under 50007000 & 10,000).

Aman Gupta and Sameer founded the boAt in 2014 after realizing that India needed a huge market for affordable, high-quality audio products. Keeping that in mind, they quickly became a favorite brand for many. They have a huge variety of headphones, earphones, and speakers in all the price categories serving a wide audience.

Soon after, they also launched their smartwatch line, which became an instant hit. Although most of their smartwatches are manufactured in China, they started manufacturing smartwatches indigenously in India, allowing them to be listed in our list of made in India smartwatches. 

Dubbed as the number 1 wearable brand in India by the IDC India Monthly Wearable device tracker. They are the top brand in the smartwatch with the highest market share as of 2021 but have been dethroned by the next brand on the list. Some of their most popular products include

  • boAt Rockerz 550
  • boAt Rockerz 450
  • boAt Aavante Bar 900
  • boAt Stone 650
  • boAt Bassheads earphones
  • boAt Flash Smartwatch

Best Boat Smartwatch – boAt Matrix

boAt Matrix is a 1.65-inches AMOLED display smartwatch with a rectangular dial design. It is a really good looking, sleek smartwatch with a host of functions justifying its price tag.

Since it’s an AMOLED display, you can always have the watch face be “On,” making it more practical as a watch. The display is crisp, bright, and smooth without any lags.

As for the features, it has a variety of health monitoring sensors like Heart beat sensor and SpO2 tracker, steps tracker, calorie tracker, and more.

It also has 11 different sports modes, including running, Walking, Climbing, Spinning, Cycling, Elliptical, Rowing machines, Yoga, Basketball, Rope Skipping, and Free training.

With this watch, you can expect good fitness tracking while having a stylish watch for general use. You can customize the watch face, control music, and use the camera remotely with your smartwatch.


  • AMOLED display
  • Bright display
  • Bigger Screen


  • No Bluetooth Call function
Dial Size1.65 Inches
Resolution 348 x 442
Connectivity Bluetooth
Waterproof No
Battery Life 7 Days
Sweat & Dust Resistant Yes
Special Features Heart rate monitoring, SP02 monitoring, Heart beat sensor, Step tracker, calorie tracker, 11 sport modes
Warranty1 Year

3. Boltt

Boltt or FireBoltt is a relatively less-known brand, but it is the fastest-growing brand and has overtaken Boat as the number 1 smartwatch company in India. According to the IDC India Monthly Wearable Device Tracker, it is the Number 1 Wearable watch brand in India as of May 2022.

Boltt was established in 2015 and is a product of a parent company called Globalite Retail. It primarily makes premium audio, fitness, and fashion products combined with the latest, cutting-edge technology to serve the best products in India. Their major line of products includes earphones, headphones, truly wireless earphones, Bluetooth headphones, speakers, wearable, smartwatches, lifestyle shoes, and software.

If we strictly talk about smartwatches, it has a far wider collection of smartwatches than any other Indian brand, and India loves choice.

They have 4 categories of smartwatches which are – the AMOLED series, the Calling series, the Ninja series, and Basics. Each of these categories carries a different class of smartwatches with one feature at the forefront.

Boltt also has an app that lets you earn digital currency when you watch videos and register steps in the app. You can buy their products and other things from the digital currency you earn.

Some of their popular products are

  • Fireboltt-Incredible
  • Fireboltt Ninja 3
  • Fireboltt 360
  • Fire-Boltt Blast 1300

Best Boltt Smartwatch – Fire Boltt Talk 2 

FireBoltt Talk 2 is one of the first smartwatches to include a Bluetooth-call function. It lets you directly talk via mic and speaker built into the watch itself. This is a nifty and useful feature that many might need, and Talk 2 delivers that.

Fire-Boltt Talk 2 has a 1.28-inch display with a round dial design. The display is a standard TFT LCD, but it has a good contrast ratio and brightness for comfortable use. The biggest selling point of this smartwatch is the Bluetooth calling function.

But, apart from that, it also has a host of features catered for fitness enthusiasts. It has a mind-boggling 60 sports mode which is a huge list! You also get a built-in voice assistant, which is a nice feature. You have the standard health monitors like Heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensors, step count, and sleep mode. You can also play 2 mini-games as leisure.


  • Bluetooth Calling
  • Voice assistant 


  • The step counter is not accurate
  • Sub-par build quality
Dial Size1.2 Inches
Resolution 240 x 240
Connectivity Bluetooth
Waterproof IP68 Waterproof
Battery Life 8 Days
Special Features 60 sports modes, SP02 Monitoring, heart rate tracker, calorie tracker, step count tracker, Voice Assistant
Warranty1 Year

4. Fastrack


Fastrack is known to almost everyone since it is one of the oldest watch companies in India, incepted in 1998. It was launched as a child company to the Titan, becoming an independent brand in 2005.

Fastrack is a brand that primarily serves the youth, which is very apparent in their marketing and the positioning of their products. Although it is not the brand that immediately comes into the mind when thinking about smartwatches, Fastrack is a well-known watch company. 

It forayed into the accessories market in 2009 with bags, belts, and wallets. It was already known for affordable yet premium sunglasses and watches.

With their brand positioned as “sporty” and for the youth, it was not surprising to see them get into the smartwatches since smartwatches were primarily used for fitness and sports enthusiasts to track their progress.

Keeping their “Eternally Young” concept, it soon came with smartwatches made for younger demographics with sporty designs and smartwatches made specifically keeping sports and fitness in mind. It was also the earliest brand to enter the fitness bands market that smartwatches would eventually take over.

Best Fastrack Smartwatch – Fastrack Reflex Vox

Fastrack’s best smartwatch offering is the Reflex Vox, a stylish, well-built smartwatch with a large 1.62-inches display and a rectangular dial design. It has Alexa built-in, which is a really useful feature to have.

It has no Bluetooth-calling option, but it enables an AI-powered coach to push you through your fitness grinds. It has a complete set of health monitoring feature like – a heartbeat monitor, SpO2 sensor, sleep tracker, stress level monitor, steps counter, and over 10+ sports mode.

It has amazing water resistance up to 5ATM of water pressure which is great for watersports. Talking about the battery life, it will give you around 10 days of total battery life on a full charge which is decent. The Reflex Vox comes with interchangeable straps, which is a nifty feature.


  • Water resistance for water sports
  • Good build quality


  • Quality Control Issues
Dial Size1.69 Inches
Resolution 240 x 280
Connectivity Bluetooth
Waterproof Yes
Battery Life 10 Days
Special Features In-built alexa voice assistant, 24×7 Heart rate monitoring, SPO2 monitoring, menstrual tracker, stress tracker, step counter, 10 sport modes
Warranty1 Year

5. GOQii


GOQii is another brand that is not a well-known brand, but it is an Indian brand that started back in 2014 when a lot of companies were being born in this industry and market. GOQii was founded by Vishal Gondal, who wanted health to be at the forefront of the brand.

GOQii started its beta program with its earliest fitness band in 2014, which received a lot of positive reactions. With the success of its beta program, GOQii launched its fitness bands, which were popular in the Indian market.

GOQii offers health-related products like skipping ropes and treadmills, weighing scales, and diabetes care packages. But they all are smart products and not conventional products. GOQii is about creating a community of health-conscious users, doctors, experts, and coaches to help the masses keep a close eye on their health.

Their smartwatches and fitness bands are meant to complement their health product ecosystem, and it is not about giving you the most stylish experience and cutting-edge tech in your smartwatches, making it a niche brand.

GOQii ecosystem combines their smartwatches, app, personal coach, experts, and doctors to help you meet your health targets. Their product and placement are unique and unlike others on this list.

Best GOQII Smartwatch – GOQII Smart Vital Plus

GOQii Smart Vital Plus is a fitness and health-centric watch that has a 1.57-inch display with a rectangular dial design. It has standard features like notification alert, messages alert, and call alert.

The smartwatch’s main focus is health and CDSCO registered medical device. The tracking features like heartbeat trackers and the SpO2 monitors are very accurate. Apart from these two, it also includes Body temperature sensors, Blood pressure tracking, and 16 exercise modes.

It is also capable of tracking your steps, calories burnt, sleep patterns, and stress levels. Apart from this usual smartwatch feature, you get 3 months of personalized coaching subscription with this smartwatch. It gives you access to engaging fitness activities, doctor and coach consultations, and more.


  • Health and fitness are at the forefront
  • Accurate sensors and health trackers
  • Good display


  • Average build quality
Dial Size1.57 Inches
Resolution 360 x 320
Connectivity Bluetooth
Waterproof IP68 Waterproof
Battery Life 7 Days
Standby Life14 Days
Special Features Heartbeat monitoring, SPO2 monitoring, calorie tracker, stress level tracker, blood pressure and body temperature monitoring, 16 sport modes
Warranty1 Year

6. Noise


Noise was built by Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri in 2014, at the same time when companies like Boat and others were being born. The founders realized that smartphone accessories would be the next big thing in the Indian market with smartphones at the center, and they were right.

Noise was one of the first brands to offer truly wireless earbuds with their Noise SHOTS which was an immense success. After seeing success in the wireless earbuds sector, they expensed with new products and later diversified into smart wearables and wireless headphones.

Noise primarily makes wireless devices, and there are no wired products that they manufacture. Noise focused on making the latest personal technology affordable and accessible to young Indian consumers.

Like other brands in this sector, they started manufacturing their products in China but later started manufacturing some of their products indigenously in India. They have been topping the charts of bestselling brands on Amazon and Flipkart for four years.

In 2019, they were the biggest seller of wireless earphones in India and have always maintained a top 5 spot in wireless earphones brands in India.

Best Noise Smartwatch – Noise Colorfit Pro 3

Noise Colorfit Pro 3 and Ultra 2 and the most compared smartwatches sold by Noise. The Colorfit Pro 3 is, however, one of the best smartwatches in the market and is a more premium product rich with features. It is one of the smartwatches that support Bluetooth calling along with all the other features.

It also has Alexa built-in for voice commands and activation for easy use and voice response. Since it supports Bluetooth calling, it has a mic and speakers, making it more useable with a voice assistant.

Another unique feature of this smartwatch is the storage without a smartphone. It can store up to 80 songs on the watch by itself and is completely TWS compatible.

It has a big 1.69-inches display with a rectangular dial design. Apart from these useful and unique features, it also has sensors like heartbeat monitoring, SpO2 sensor, stress level monitor, sleep tracker, and sports mode. It supports quick charging, which can charge the watch 100% in 30 minutes.


  • Quick charging and good battery life
  • Premium build quality
  • Good display


  • Bluetooth connection problems
Dial Size1.69 Inches
Resolution 240 x 280
Connectivity Bluetooth
Waterproof 5ATM Waterproof
Battery Life 6 Days
Special Features Alexa in-built voice assistant, 30 minutes fast charge, 100 sport modes, heart rate monitoring, SPO2 monitoring, stress level tracker, step tracker
Warranty1 Year

7. Titan


You might not need an introduction to Titan as it is one of the most beloved brands from India. It is quite an old brand that primarily made excellent analog watches. With the advent of technology and the increase in the popularity of smartwatches, Titan did not want to be left behind.

Titian, the world’s 5th largest watch company, manufactures watches under brands name – Fastrack, Titan, Sonata, Nebula, RAGA, Regalia, Octane, and Xylys. They also export their watches to 32 countries.

Titan diversified into Jewelry in 1994 and subsequently into eyewear with Titan Eyeplus in 2013. In the same year, Titan also entered the fragrances segment with SKINN, and in 2019 in sarees with Taneira. Today, Titan Company Limited is India’s leading manufacturer/seller of watches.

Titan entered the smartwatches segment in 2016 with its first smartwatch. Their smartwatches were primarily geared towards more premium segments and buyers. Since they are already associated with luxury and premium products, it was not very difficult to position their smartwatches in the premium segment.

They kept on strengthening their smart wearables with more smartwatches in their lineup. After making reliable analog watches in the country for several decades, they impacted their smartwatch lineup similarly.

Best Titan Smartwatch – Titan Smart Pro

Titan Smart Pro is the flagship smartwatch model of Titan, and it is made for the premium segment. It has an amazing build quality with an Aluminum base and a good quality silicone wrist band. It has a 1.19-inches AMOLED display with a round dial and a huge list of features.

It has an inbuilt GPS to measure the steps and location accurately and does not need to rely on the connected phone for measurements. It is water-resistant up to 5 ATM which is great to have if you are into water sports.

It has a good battery life of up to 14 days which might differ slightly based on your usage. It has a heartbeat monitor, SpO2 tracker, sleep tracker, steps counter and multisport tracker. It can also keep track of your stress levels and sleep levels with REM tracking.


  • Premium build quality
  • AMOLED display
  • In-built GPS and compass


  • Software not up to the mark
Dial Size1.19 Inches
Resolution 390 x 390
Connectivity Bluetooth
Waterproof 5ATM Waterproof
Battery Life 14 Days
Special Features GPS, Women health monitoring, SPO2 monitoring, temperature monitor, stress monitor, sleep monitor, multi sport modes
Warranty1 Year

8. Zebronics


Zebronics is a relatively old company that has been manufacturing electronic products indigenously in India for quite a while now. It was founded in 1997 in Chennai and is an Indian manufacturer of audio, gaming peripherals, lifestyle, IT, and mobile/lifestyle accessories.

It also offers products in healthcare and surveillance. It is a huge company with a lot of products in different segments. They recently forayed into the smartwatch category with their experience in creating IT peripherals and many other electronic products.

Zebronics has always focused on excellence in product design, strict quality controls, and bringing reliable products to Indian consumers. Their mantra of EQR (Excellence, Quality, and Reliability) had led them to become a number one company in the IT peripheral in India.

Zebronics products have been great in design and performance, yet making it easy on pocket would be affordable for most of the masses in India.

Best Zebronics Smartwatch – Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH

Zebronics ZEB-FIT7220CH is an exclusive limited edition watch with a metal body and strap. It is one of the rarest budget smartwatches with a metal strap, although it is not very classy.

It is a full-touch smartwatch with a 1.75-inch display with a square dial design and a 2.5D curved glass display and has an IP67 waterproof rating.

For the features, it has Sleep tracking, calories tracking, steps tracking, and 7 sports mode.

Apart from these, it has Blood pressure monitoring, Heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, and meditative breathing mode. You can access 100+ customizable watch faces and features like Caller ID, call reject, music control, and remote camera control.


  • Metal strap
  • Good display
  • Variety of features


  • It is a little heavy, and the metal strap is not the best looking
Dial Size1.75 Inches
Resolution 320 x 385
Connectivity Bluetooth
Waterproof IP67 Waterproof
Battery Life 3 Days
Special Features 7 sport modes, sleep tracking, step tracking, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, SPO2 monitoring
Warranty1 Year


There you go, you have a list of smartwatch manufacturers in India if you want to choose an Indian made smartwatch. You can check out other products or smartwatches from the brands listed here and choose the one that might interest you from the brand’s website. Smartwatches made in India are good, and they are improving with every product launched by these brands. If you want a good smartwatch recommendation, you can choose the listed best smartwatch from the brand.

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