Nothing Ear (1) Not Charging

Fixed: Nothing Ear (1) Not Charging

Nothing Ear (1) is the latest amongst the list of earbuds to be unveiled in the market. If you are an audio geek who is constantly looking to add to his setup or upgrade their preexisting audio equipment, you should definitely take a look at the Nothing Ear (1). These earbuds come with active noise cancellation that can get rid of noise upto 40 DBS. Meanwhile, the bluetooth v5.2 connectivity allows for a quick, strong, and stable connection within a 10 feet radius.

To take care of your audio needs, there are 11 mm dynamic drivers in place that give you crystal clear audio quality, followed by an immersive sound experience. Despite all these features, it seems that users have already reported issues concerning their Nothing Ear 1 earbuds. The majority of the users have complained about their Nothing Ear 1 earbuds not charging, whereas several have reported Nothing Ear 1 case not charging.

If you, too, have run into similar problems with your Nothing Ear 1, then this guide will walk you through the different fixes needed to take care of this problem.

Nothing Ear (1) Case Not Charging

As we mentioned above, while many have reported nothing ear 1 charging issues, many have explicitly reported their nothing ear (1) case not charging.

Charging issues are always annoying, and these issues are equally frustrating when they arise on a newly purchased peripheral. So, if you are having issues with the Nothing Ear (1) case, you can opt for either of the below-mentioned fixes to take care of the problem.

1. Try using a Different USB Type-C Cable

If you are encountering charging issues on your Nothing Ear (1), you can start by taking a look at the USB Type-C cable. Check your cable for potential damage or wear and tear. If you encounter any of these problems with your USB Type-C charging cable, replace it once.

Meanwhile, there is a high chance that your cable won’t have any visible damage or wear and tear whatsoever. But here, the problem could be internal, which may not be visible to the naked eye. In such cases, too, we suggest that you try using a different USB Type-C cable.

2. Replug the Cord with the Case Open

We generally tend to plug in our charging cord with the case closed. But if you encounter issues with your Nothing Ear (1) case, then you can opt to charge the case by plugging in the cord with the case open.

Plugin the cord with the case open and wait for the case to charge. If the charging is taking place is usual, then there is no cause for concern. However, if the problem persists, proceed to implement the given step.

3. Reset the Nothing Ear (1) Buds

If the Nothing Ear charging issues continue to persist despite implementing all humanly possible fixes, then you probably need to reset the earbuds to take care of that nothing ear charging issues. To reset the Nothing Ear (1) buds,

  • Remove the Charging Cable From the Earbuds Case
  • Now, place both earbuds carefully into the case and close the case
  • Next, press and hold the button on the case for 30 seconds
  • Open Bluetooth Settings on your smartphone
  • Locate your device’s (nothing ear) name
  • Select More Info
  • Tap on Forget This Device
  • Tap again to confirm the action
  • Once the reset is done, pair  the earbuds again with your smartphone

Nothing Ear (1) Buds Not Charging

The case might sometimes work just fine, but you will find your Nothing Ear (1) buds not charging. In such a case, you will need to implement the below-mentioned fixes to take care of the problem.

1. Install The Latest Nothing Ear (1) Software

It is always beneficial to subject your audio peripherals to routine updates. If you encounter nothing ear charging issues, you need to install the latest nothing ear (1) software if you haven’t already. To do so,

  • Launch Bluetooth Settings on your smartphone
  • Tap on More Info
  • Select Device Details
  • Tap on Firmware Update

2. Clean the Charging Ports of the Case and Bud

The charging port is perhaps the most exposed part of both the case and the bud. Due to constant exposure to the outside environment, dust, dirt, lint, and other particles tend to accumulate over the charging ports.

If there is a cloud of significant dust build-up in the charging ports, it will cause nothing ear charging issues. Therefore, you need to clean the charging ports of your case and bud at the earliest.

The Bottom Line

This is all we have got when it comes to tackling Nothing Ear (1) charging issues. Note that all audio peripherals, irrespective of their architecture, are subject to crashes and fixes. In such cases, you need to implement the above-mentioned fixes carefully. Do let us know in the comments section below which of the fix worked out for you.


If only the left bud is not working, check the contact points of the left bud and the case. If you see dust build-up, then use a tissue or a cotton swab to clean the contact points.

If the right earbud is not working, you try pairing your earbuds with your smartphone once again. Also, clean the contact points on the case and the charging point with a tissue or a cotton swap.

To wirelessly charge your Nothing Ear (1),

  • Ensure that the case is fully charged
  • Open the case and place the buds into the case
  • When you see the green light turn on, it means that the buds are charging.

If none of the methods works out and you continue to face nothing ear charging issues, you need to replace the earbuds and get a new one altogether. Here, you can buy a new earbud directly from the company’s official website or from Flipkart.

If you have bought the product from Flipkart, then Flipkart offers a 7-day replacement policy, meaning that you can replace the product within 7 days of purchase if found defective. To do so, you will need to raise a replacement request on the website or the mobile app within 7 days of receiving the product.

Flipkart will then help troubleshoot the issues via phone or send an executive for an in-person technical visit. If the product is confirmed to be defective, you will be issued a new product within 7 days.

However, if the defect is not confirmed, then Flipkart will guide you to the company’s service centre to help you troubleshoot the Nothing Ear Charging Issues.  

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  1. My right ear 1 is draining faster than left one , what can I do to resolve this problem. The charge difference are like if left has 40 % charge then right has only 20%. Pls reply fast .

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