pTron vs BoAt

pTron vs BoAt: Which is better brand?

The battle between audio geeks rages on as newer peripherals are unveiled on a regular basis. If you are someone who is looking to buy a new headset, you’ll see that both the Internet and your local market are flooded with options. Selecting the right headset from a pool of options can be tough. However, what if we dialled it down to only two audio companies? That will drastically reduce your search radius and make it relatively easier to choose.

The debate for pTron vs BoAt has been going on for quite some time now. Both these brands offer sizeable benefits and have significant advantages over each other. However, despite their differences, both these brands have an equal stronghold in the audio market, especially if you are looking to buy a Bluetooth earphone between the range of 1000-5000.

If you are looking to buy a good Bluetooth headset in the above-mentioned price range, then pTron and BoAt are two of your best options. To make things easier, we have laid down a detailed comparison guide below to help you fixate on which brand to go with.

About pTron


pTron is a company that specializes in electronics and mobile accessories. Although their components are manufactured in China, the company has its headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

The company offers utmost transparency with each and every product it delivers. Found back in 2014, the company has managed to grab a stronghold into the Indian audio market.

Apart from transparency, the company is known primarily for delivering cost-effective products. This means you can get the best of products at the best and least possible price. If you are looking for reasons to trust pTron, there are several. One of the most important ones is their value for money products which make the brand worth the effort.

The company offers a wide range of products which are all backed by a rock-solid warranty. Most importantly, all these products come with competitive pricing if you are looking to buy something in the mid-market. If you are on a tight budget but need something concrete, then pTron is your best bet.

About BoAt


Launched back in 2015, BoAt has been a company that has made a name of itself in a short time frame. Like pTron, BoAt is an Indian electronics and mobile accessories manufacturer known primarily for delivering high-quality audio peripherals such as earphones, headsets, travel chargers, and premium rugged cables.

With a whopping 27.3% market share, BoAt was ranked No 1 in the earwear segment in 2019 competing with the likes of JBL & Boult. The company is known to sell around 8,000 units each day. BoAt offers an extensive catalog of products ranging from headphones to travel chargers. Just like pTron, the company’s components are manufactured in China.

So far, BoAt has enjoyed immense success in both the domestic as well as International market. This is because the company doesn’t compromise on quality and delivers just the premium quality products as expected by their consumers. The products are cost-effective and extremely reliable.

Boat Vs pTron | How Do They Compare?

As you may have noticed, both companies offer just the right amount of products with competitive pricing. Each brand has products catering to all sectors of the market as well as the society. While both these brands offer some of the top-quality products, there are a few noticeable differences between BoAt Vs pTron.

For example, if you are looking for the top specs while on a tight budget, then you can opt for a pTron audio peripheral. pTron products come with various specifications and cost way less than the competition.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an immersive sound experience, BoAt offers greater quality products compared to pTron. This is because BoAt excels highly in terms on Audio Quality than its competitors. To wrap up the comparisons, BoAt peripherals are reliable and sturdy whereas audio peripherals are pTron are budget-friendly.

pTron Bassbuds vs BoAt Airdopes

 So far, we have laid down some of the unique qualities both these brands and their products have to offer. To understand what these have on offer and what separates them, we have decided to match the pTron bassbuds against the BoAt airdopes. Because in the end, it all comes down to the sale service.

While pTron has its signature line of products (Bassbuds), BoAt too leads the competition with their competition. Therefore, here is a comparison between BoAt Vs pTron and their line products.

1. BoAt Airdopes 701 ANC

The 701 ANC is the latest from the line of BoAt Airdopes to hit the market. These airdopes come equipped with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 that allows for faster connectivity and has a range for upto to 15 metres.

Meanwhile, the 701 ANC is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices. As duly advertised, these airdopes feature active noise cancellation followed by a hybrid ANC that can suppress upto 30 dbs of noise.

This way, you can have the best of sound quality by carefully filtering out all the unwanted noise whatsoever. In terms of design, this BoAt Airdope sports an ergonomic structure that assures maximum comfort when you put them on.

Similarly, the Smart Touch controls on the outer side of these airdopes lets you control music and calls in just a simple touch. In addition to all this, the lucrative LEDs on the side of these airdopes further add to the attractive design. There are 9 mm drivers in place that assure the best of sound quality, clear conversations, and hands-free calls.

To match with all these features, the 701 ANC has a rock solid battery in place that lets you listen to it for 5 hours straight in a  single charge. Each airdbud comes with 50 mAH battery followed by a lightweight power case of 500 mAH capacity. When fully charged, you can listen to non-stop music for the next 20 hours.

In simple words, these BoAt Airdopes 701 ANC is the perfect choice for those who live in a noisy neighbourhood and love to enjoy their peace or work without any disturbance whatsoever.


  • One-Touch Voice Assistant
  • Immersive Sound
  • 1  Year Warranty


  • Expensive

2. pTron Bassbuds Jade

If you are a gamer, you know the importance of matching your sound quality with your overall setup. Therefore, you need to have the best sound system in place when you game.

If you are a gamer looking for a headset, the pTron Bassbuds Jade is the one to go for. Sporting a hi-tech design, this bassbud blends in masterfully with your overall setup to provide you with the best sound experience.

Apart from its attract and extremely unique aesthetics, the Bassbuds Jade comes with an ultra-low latency of 60 ms. Then there is the dual HD mic that offers maximum sound clarity. Despite being packed with dozens of features, the pTron Bassubds Jade weighs a meager 4 gms, making it an ideal gaming companion.

In addition to its ultra-low latency, this bassbud features a hi-fidelity stereo sound quality with the perfect bass. Meanwhile, these are touch control ergonomic earbuds that lets you cycle between different modes (gaming/music) with just a simple touch.

Unlike the 701 ANC, the Jade has 13 mm drivers in place, followed by active noise cancellation. It comes with a 300 mAH charging case that can go for 15 hours in a single charge. Also, the company provides you with extra silicon eartips to match your ear size.

Just like the 701 ANC, these earbuds too have the Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity feature with a guaranteed range of upto 10 metres. All it takes is one single step to pair your earbud with any BT smart device in the area. Finally, these earbuds are IPX4 Water and sweat-proof all-weather earbuds and also features a 1 year backup warranty.


  • Water and Sweat Proof
  • 1-Step Smart Pairing
  • Snug Fit Extra Silicone Tips


  • Minimum Battery life

BoAt RockerZ 550 vs pTron Studio 

The RockerZ 550 and Studio are yet another latest additions to the sound peripherals by each brand respectively. Just as we saw the differences between the BoAt 701 ANC and the pTron Bassbuds Jade, these two also have a lot to offer following by several key differences.

1. BoAt Rockerz 550

If you are looking for a good wireless gaming headphone under 5000 rupees, the RockerZ 550 is certainly worth looking at. The RockerZ 550  is the successor of BoAt’s earlier 510 series and predecessor to the 600 series. Similar to the Jade and 701 ANC, the RockerZ 500 also features Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity that allows for stronger and highly stable connections.

Then there are the 50 mm dynamic drivers that allow for an immersive sound experience, maximum sound clarity, and hands-free calling. There is a 500 mAH battery in place to match all these features that delivers 20 hours of performance within a single charge. Meanwhile, the Physical Noise Isolation feature comes in handy if you are trying to stream a movie in peace or during a work meeting.

There are volume adjusters, a power button, a 3.5 mm Jack, and an LED light indicator present on the lower side of the right rocker. Also, it comes with a length adjustment feature that doesn’t let you feel uncomfort even after hours of usage. It is backed by a strong 1 year warranty.


  • Premium Build Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Length Feature


  • Clarity Issues During High Volume
  • Misplaced Button Arrangement

2. pTron Studio

Just like the RockerZ 550, the pTron Studio is a stern competitor in the race for hi-tech wireless headphones. This headphone offers both wired and bluetooth connectivity options. If you are looking for an aeshetic headphone loaded with dozens of features, then the pTron studio is your best.

It comes with a sleek matte finish and is the best there is under 1000 rs. The pTron Studio sports a superior build quality and comes with tiltable ear cups. This way, you can ensure maximum comfort even when you are using the earbuds for hours.

This over-ear headphone comes with Bluetoth v5.0 connectivity and has a range of upto 15 metres.

Meanwhile, the multi-function earcap buttons lets you control music and manage your calls with just the touch of a button. This over-ear headphone has a 400 mAH battery capacity that can run for upto 18 hours in a single charge.

Suppose you are someone who enjoys an immersive sound experience. In that case, the pTron Studio has 40 mm speakers that contribute to a superior voice quality, crystal clear voice clarity, and hands-free calling. In addition, the cushion padded headband and earmuffs largely add to the pTron Studio’s ergnonmic value.

This passive noise cancelling headset primarily focuses on cancelling out low-frequency sounds such as engines, aviation, environment, trains, and so on. The Bluetooth v5.0 connection provides a quick and stable Bluetooth connection within a 33 ft radius. Meanwhile, the 40 mm large aperture speakers has everything you need to enjoy an immersive sound experience.


  • Comfortable Foam Padding
  • Stereo Sound Quality
  • 400 mAH Li-Polymer Battery


  • Expensive

pTron Vs Boat | Which One Should You Choose?

As we just saw from the comparisons, both these brands have excellent products on offer. Right from the BoAt 701 ANC to the pTron Studio over-ear headset, every product is designed explicitly to deliver a sublime sound experience while working and gaming as well. The primary highlight is that all these devices have a Bluetooth v5.0 connection, which allows for a quick, strong, and stable connection.

If you are looking to get maximum features out of your earbud while on a tight budget, then pTron is the best brand to look at. Meanwhile, if you are someone who doesn’t want to compromise over the quality one bit, then BoAt has several products on offer that provide the same. Therefore, if you are looking for a better audio output followed by an immersive sound experience, we suggest you reach out to your nearest BoAt showroom at once.

Both pTron and BoAt offer lucrative designs loaded with tonnes of features. But only BoAt will be able to grant you the sound quality experience you’ve always longed for. In addition to this, BoAt has a seamless sales service meaning the company will address any issues in the least amount of time.

If we are to pass a final verdict, we suggest you go with BoAt since products by BoAt are more sturdy and more reliable than pTron products.

The Bottom Line

Although the article may have introduced a plethora of new words to you, we sincerely hope it gave you insight into what one should look for when buying audio peripherals. Not just the brand, it is equally vital that you examine each and every product the brand is offering before making a decision.

Even though both brands have some of the best audio devices on display, not all their products can be deemed flawless. Therefore, we strongly suggest you do a thorough comparison study before moving to buying either device whatsoever.

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