Best LED Monitor Under 5000 In India

Best LED Monitor Under 5000 In India

The 5000 rupees bracket is the most underserved monitor category, and by that, I mean that you will not find a lot of monitors from reputed brands in that range. The products I have listed in this article are feature limited (which is apparent for the cost). Such displays are most suited for CCTV tracking, MS workplace work, casual gaming, and photo-editing (with typical color accuracy).

Anyhow, I did some research for you guys with a 5K spending plan, and the following 5 are the very best total carrying out ones that you can get in India.

This list of top 5 displays includes an excellent 1080p FHD monitor as well. So let’s get going!

Best LED Monitors Under 5000 Rupees In India

LED Monitors Under ₹5000

1. Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD Monitor

The Dell 18.5 inch LED display is a product that is relatively budget-friendly and would not dissatisfy you with its functions. It offers an HD all-set screen with 1366 * 768 resolution and a TFT panel to provide you the best watching experience. The screen includes a 60 Hz refreshing rate and a 5 ms of reaction time, making its operations quicker and smoother.

You don’t need to worry about the display problems anymore, as this product consists of Flicker-free technology that claims to give more natural and clear color images. The monitor is angled completely to supply you with a convenient view and deserves your money and time.

It has two main ports, 1 VGA Port and 1 HDMI Port, to deal with all the information entries into and out of the screen. The weight has been built on the lower side by simply being 3kgs, making it simpler to bring around and deal with. Do not squander your time and purchase this excellent product, and you won’t be dissatisfied with its qualities. All of these reasons make it one of the best LED monitor under 5000.


  • Flicker-free technology foe much better and natural screen
  • Light in weight
  • Provides a comfortable view with a 5-15 degree tilt
  • Quick response timing


  • Not resilient for long periods

2. Acer EB192Q (Black)

Concerning our next model in the very best LED monitor under 5000 rupees section is the Acer EB192Q. I compared over 15-20 displays in this budget section and could not change them.

Anyways, the 18.5-inch HD-ready output device comes with an elegant 1366x768p resolution. It produces an enticing visual experience with the ability to recreate over 16.5 million colors.

The screen panel is powered by Twisted Nematics (TN) innovation, which is famous for being high in response time of 5ms. Viewing angles, however, are not wide enough as it has just 95 degrees of horizontal and 65 degrees of supported range. The outer appearance of the monitor is also routine and very little remarkable.

And finally, the connectivity port for this Acer design only consists of VGA and does not have HDMI innovation.


  • Inexpensive Rate.
  • 3 Year Service warranty.
  • Long life.


  • No HDMI port.
  • Visual quality is regular.

3. Zebronics 18.5( 46.9 cm) Display with VGA Port( Black)

The Zebronics 18.5 inches LED display is likewise an excellent option for people trying to find the best LED monitor under 5000. It has a slim and shiny design to provide it with an expensive appearance. The monitor can be installed on a wall quickly and has an anti-glare screen to protect your eyes from the hazardous light given off from the screen.

It has an HD, 1366 * 768 display screen to provide a much better image. The response time is slower than many similar models of around 8ms; however, the contrast ratio makes up for it.

The display is also relatively light in weight, weighing only about 2kgs, likewise helping you to bring it around easily. There is no HDMI port offered in the item, and just a VGA port is supported by it. In general, it is an excellent choice for individuals who are not looking at a PC for gaming purposes and just for generalized usage.


  • Sleek and glossy style.
  • Light in weight.
  • It has an anti-glare screen to secure your eyes.


  • No HDMI ports.
  • Longer action time.

4. Acer Aopen 19.5

The Acer Aopen 19.5 inch LED screen is likewise an excellent option for people with limited budgets. The monitor has a complete HD view and provides a high resolution 1366 * 768 display to enjoy the view. It has both VGA and HDMI-supported ports.

The action time is relatively quick, around 5ms, offering you the chance to work faster and provide a much better graphics and video display. It has an OSD setting with which you can change the exposure from blue light. This will, in turn, minimize the pressure on the eyes.

Likewise, it is supported with Flicker-less technology to restrain worn-out eyes and other difficulties when you have to work on the screen for an extended amount of time. It is the best fit for office or house usage and is not the best option for demanding core gaming. Overall this display is a bomb for the offered price, and you must consider this for your next purchase.


  • Full HD with a high-resolution display screen.
  • Features Flicker-less technology to help avoid strain to the eyes.
  • Adjustable OSD blue light choice for longer direct exposures to screen.
  • Supports more than 16 million colors.


  • The quality of the monitor hardware is not very durable.
  • Not extremely resilient.

5. HP V194

The HP V194 18.5 inch HD display is among a kind. You will be shocked to know the variety of functions it brings. The monitor has an HD panel with a 1366 * 768 resolution screen to give you a fantastic visual capability experience. The display is built with an arsenic-free material with mercury-free backlight, and an EPEAT silver registered to make it power efficient.

The tilt you will obtain from this display is higher than many monitors, giving you a range from 5 degrees to 22 degrees at max. Response timing is around 5ms, on/off, which is rather great on the monitor scale and keeps operations faster. With the use of FRC innovation, the display can support more than 16 million colors. It includes an anti-glare screen to offer your eyes a protected view all along.

Once again, this screen has a VGA port and no HDMI port. It is an excellent option if you are trying to find something that would not burn a hole in your pocket.


  • Good HD resolution display.
  • Faster reaction timing.
  • An anti-glare screen keeps your eyes protected.
  • Great tilt to change according to your body.


  • No HDMI ports.
  • Is not an excellent fit for CCTV monitors.

Best LED Monitor Under 5000 Buying Guide

Best LED Monitor Under 5000 Buying Guide

Here is the quick monitor buying guide for newbies to help comprehend the reviews much better (You can avoid if you desire).

1. Resolution

The resolution identifies the clearness and information of images and text. The higher, the much better. The HD Ready 1366 x 768p is the most popular resolution with budget screens.

2. Revitalize rate or FPS

The refresh rate is the number of images a monitor can display in a second. They are measured in Hz or Frames Per Second. The most popular refresh rate is 60Hz. Higher than 60 is usually not needed unless you are playing next-gen video games, in which case your CPU also requires to be effective.

3. Response time

You can call it the quantity of time the monitor takes to respond to your inputs. Lower is much better. Say you moved the cursor, then it’s the time screen takes to reveal the motion. The 5millisecond is simply enough for most things; however, if you play high-end online video games, you may consider a lower reaction rate than 5ms.

4. Ports

These are the input ports to link to the CPU. You will find the ports like VGA, DVI, and HDMI with many displays. The very first 2 are most common in the budget range. If you ever want to connect a Set-top box or video gaming console, try to find the HDMI screen.

5. Viewing Angles

It’s the variety of angles as much as which you can see the screen with accurate details. The 180 degree probably is the best possible range. It indicates you can see the display screen correctly from any angle.

6. Panel

There are 2 popular panel types; TN and IPS panel. TN panel screens usually are more economical, and its highlight is; a quicker reaction rate. IPS, on the other hand, is better at clarity, seeing angels, and energy-efficient.


So, that’s it for this budget sector. You just saw my leading choices, which I am highly confident about being the best displays under 5000 rupees.

I broke things further and tried to supply you with what each display will be the finest fit for, like office, Photoshop, games, and for whatever.

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