Best Tower Speakers In India In 2021

Best Tower Speakers In India In 2022

Quality sound reproduction is an essential part of every house entertainment setup. With a wide variety of options in soundbars, 2.1 speaker setups, and complete house theater box systems, you can get confused while choosing the apt system for your requirements.

Floor standing speakers, likewise called tower-type speakers, have an advantage over other systems as they deliver a crispier noise at a certain height, which makes them perfect for seeing movies. Furthermore, they also function as great party speakers to enjoy an event with loved ones.

In this post, we have shortlisted 5 various floor standing speakers that supply the very best set of functions, performance, and worth for money.

Which Are The Best Tower Speakers In India?

Which Are The Best Tower Speakers In India?

1. F&D T60X Tower Speakers, Black

The F&D T60X has been a popular option for its remarkable sound output, fantastic connectivity options, and competitive rate. It has an ergonomic design with a high-quality wood cabinet design.

The speaker comes with an LED screen that reveals the track info and input source you are using. There’s likewise an FM radio that lets you store more than 100 stations. If you are a karaoke fan, the speakers have a karaoke function to turn your living location into a live phase.

F&D T60X has a powerful sound output of 110W RMS with strong bass and decent surround sound. You get 4 x full-range speakers of 4-inch size, 2 x tweeters of 1-inch size, and 2 x subwoofers of 8-inch size and 8-ohm impedance. The sound output is outstanding, and even at loud volumes, there is no sound distortion.

Connection alternatives include Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, USB port, AUX input, Optical input, and 2 x Mic inputs. The Bluetooth and NFC connection are smooth, and we never encountered any drops in the cordless connection.

To manage the speakers, you can use the side panel controls or the wireless remote. The remote is fully practical with dedicated buttons for all the functions. You also get a wireless mic which is not quite durable as we came across standard connection issues.


  • Performance and sound quality, along with the bass, are good.
  • The rate of the device is affordable and worth your cash.
  • The product is reputable and resilient.
  • The gadget comes with optical output and a USB.


  • There is a mic; it is not long-lasting and has connectivity issues.
  • Discovering customer care support for this item in India is challenging.
  • This speaker is not best for your outside purposes.
  • The push-button control quality is not as good as anticipated.

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2. Philips MMS8085B/94

Philips has been a leader in manufacturing quality electronic products for many years.

The MMS8085B/94 2.1 Channel speaker is absolutely nothing short of the best.

This 2.1 Floor Standing speakers system will improve your motion picture and music playback experience.

It Produces a combined output of 80W, so these speakers provide good sound quality with rich bass to give a total audio experience in your house.

You can also use these speakers as a combined soundbar or as individual speakers based on your requirements; that’s why this is the best tower speakers In India under 10000.

The speakers feature a special stand to adjust the speakers’ angle to your comfort.


  • USB direct.
  • Efficient push-button control.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Deep bass.


  • Lack of LED display.
  • Speakers are just 2.1 channels.
  • Large subwoofer style.
  • Overpriced for a 2.1 Channel.

3. OBAGE DT-2425

The DT-2425 is a double tower speaker system made by the OBAGE brand. This gadget comes with two subwoofers, 5.2 inches each of them.

Likewise, it comes with 2, 3-inches speakers and two 2.5 inch tweeters. These setups can make the device handle a frequency range from 50Hz to 17KHz.

The bass technology used in the gadget is Bass Reflex, Side Firing. As this device concentrates on the clarity of noise, so it is not advised for loud listeners.

The device includes Bluetooth for cordless connection. It also features a USB and Aux to link to different devices. It also consists of a mic port to link a mic. The FM feature is likewise readily available to listen to many FM channels.

The DT-2425, otherwise called BlackJack, is made to release low extension bass. Because of that, it can produce premium bass and crystal clear highs.

The control features are supplied with remote and extra physical control at the device’s back.

On the front, there are connection options to link USB and Aux. Along with that, there are also buttons to change mode and control music.

This is the very best Tower speaker in the budget plan and is fit for you if you are searching for a sophisticated item with an excellent finish.


  • Side shooting sounds.
  • Bass reflex technology.
  • Bass reflex innovation.
  • Exceptional build quality.


  • No support for Mic.
  • The guarantee is only for 6 months.
  • It Will not be loud enough.
  • Problems with the quality of the remote.

4. Omeewa by Obage ST-607

The Omeewa by Obage ST-607 is a single tower speaker that features a series of connection alternatives and crystal clear sound output. The speaker is aesthetically developed with a brown wood gradient finishing on the sides and a rough black finishing at the front.

You get a small display screen at the front with AUX, SD card, and USB ports. There are some physical buttons to assist you in altering the track, volume, and source. You get the power switch and 3 knobs to change the level of bass, treble, and volume at the side.

You likewise get a fully-functional remote with the speaker. The quality of the remote undermines the setup as the buttons are hard to press and improperly put.

The business claims that the speaker is perfect for rooms less than 200 square feet, with proper acoustics. Not ideal for playing loud music, the ST-607 delivers a clear sound with punchy bass and crispy trebles.

The bass is in the 50 to 70 Hz region, which implies you will not have the ability to listen to any low-frequency drops in the music. The speaker is finest matched to be connected to a TV, as it has excellent mid-range sound output.

Overall, the ST-607 fits casual listeners who want an enhanced speaker setup for their TVs. You will like the crisp and clear sound output with exceptional vocals; however, a lack of loudness and thump makes it unsuitable as a celebration speaker.


  • Suitable with laptop/PC and mobiles.
  • Best for clarity of noise and best for TELEVISION.
  • Finest appropriate for medium to tiny rooms.
  • Includes wide bass for a good punch.


  • Karaoke Feature is not readily available.
  • Optical ports are not available.
  • No mic port or mic offered.
  • Not for loud listeners.

5. Panasonic HiFi SC-UA7GW-K Speaker System

The Panasonic HiFi UA30GW-K is a full-scale celebration speaker. It includes a catchy design that fits in well with the ambience of every room. It has a box shape and comes equipped with deals on both sides to assist you with simple portability.

The speaker can likewise be linked to a USB drive or a smart device through the Panasonic MAX Juke app, available for Android and iOS devices. The app uses inbuilt Bluetooth to stream your favourite music, modify EQ settings, and play playlists on the Panasonic HiFi speaker.

At the top of the speaker system, you will get the physical buttons to by hand alter the track, alter the source, change the volume, and start the Jukebox mode. There’s an LCD at the speaker’s front that reveals the track info, source, and present EQ mode.

The Panasonic HiFi speaker has a distinct wide sound impact with a strong bass containing a 180-degree room-filling sound. It comprises 6 speaker systems with 2 13-cm woofers and 4 4-cm tweeters producing excellent sound output. The speaker system has likewise got a blue line LED illumination that resounds the party feeling.

The Panasonic HiFi speaker system has a robust bass good enough to have a terrific party experience. It utilizes the Bass Reflex System with two-port push sound forward technology that enhances the bass, producing an air quake experience. The integrated amplifier delivers a strong 300W RMS sound output, with 150W RMS in each channel.


  • Is available in a streamlined style and the very best surface.
  • The sound quality is fantastic.
  • 180-degree noise makes it more surround.
  • The bass is excellent and overwhelming.
  • The elegant design.


  • The rates are a bit high.
  • The connectivity alternatives are less.
  • Does not come with HDMI ports.
  • Even though there are mic ports, you will not get a mic included.

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Buyer’s Guide: How to Purchase The Best Tower Speakers in India

Let us take a short moment to think of whether we need a flagship-level speaker or a 7.1 surround speaker system.

Speakers usually have a complex interaction with spaces. At lower-level frequencies, the output of noise is figured out by the total measurements of the space, including height, width, and depth. In this guide, we want to help you choose the best tower speakers.

1. What Makes A Tower Speaker Unique?

In reality, they are the biggest speaker to purchase for utilizing at home when it concerns size.

They usually vary from 3 to 4 feet high; they can be even larger than that in some cases. The thing that makes Tower speakers stand apart from others is that they will be equipped with numerous chauffeurs to produce a more comprehensive range of sound. The various type of chauffeurs discovered in them are:-.

  • Tweeters.
  • Midrange drivers.
  • Woofers.
  • Subwoofers.

A. Tweeters

They are nothing but little drives usually created to give off sounds at frequencies that vary from 2,000 to 30,000 Hz. The tweeters are available in 4 types:

  • Horn tweeters.
  • Cone Tweeters.
  • Dome Tweeters.
  • Planar-magnetic tweeters.

B. Drivers

Midrange drivers are made with different materials, and they can handle noises ranging from 500 Hz to 2,000 Hz. They include acoustic energy to the noises that originate from the speaker, which helps the tweeter to match the frequency to the woofer.

C. Woofers

Woofers are named after the low-pitched noises that dogs make; they are renowned for having a premium bass response. They produce sound frequencies varying from 40 Hz to 1,000 Hz. This is the sole reason why people often choose Tower speakers over other speakers.

D. Subwoofers

The noise produced from this is non-directional, with a range of 20 Hz to 200 Hz. The motorists magnify bass sounds producing a sonic boom in your homes.

2. Which Specs Should We Look Out For?

Everyone would have bought by comparing functions, sorting client evaluations, and filtering products using its cost range. When it pertains to purchasing the finest floor-standing speakers, there are specific specifications to consider.

A. Power Handling

There will be an advised power variety specified on every speaker. The lower number represents the minimum wattage required for the speaker, and the more significant number marks the optimum level of wattage the speaker can stand up to.

B. Sensitivity

The sensitivity rating of a speaker tells you how effective it is at transforming the power into volume. As higher the score gets, therefore the loudness of the speaker gets.

They offer a speaker one watt of power, and volume is determined in decibels (dB) by standing one meter away. The chart provided below can offer you a concept of the distinction that level of sensitivity makes in noises that you hear.

C. Frequency Response

The speaker’s frequency action shows the series of tones it can generate as the first number shows the bass’s depth; the second number represents the more significant limitation of the speaker’s tonal variety. The fullness of noise produced by the speaker depends on how wider the frequency is measured.

D. Impedance

The impedance of a speaker shows the amount of electrical resistance that it provides to the amplifier. The speakers are offered a single nominal score generally because the speaker’s impedance constantly changes while listening to music.

E. Speaker Materials

The material that is used to develop the speaker makes a substantial impact on it. With each product having its own sonic residential or commercial properties, producers carefully choose between and select a material that provides the right balance between lightweight and rigidness.

The quality of the product increases with the level of premium products used to construct it.

F. 2 Way vs. Three Way Tower Speakers

Everyone would have encountered these terms on product pages. Two-way speakers separate the frequencies they produce into low and highs. Whereas the Three-way speakers separate the frequencies into 3 various levels like mids, lows, highs. Which indicates they require midrange motorists too.

G. The Importance of Cabinet Construction

The Cabinet is another significant part of cordless tower speakers; it needs to be well developed and need to be anti-resonant, which implies it ought to be vital to not cause sound distortion by the noise’s vibrations originating from its drivers.

When choosing a Tower speaker, attention must be given to how the cabinet body and finish will be best within the particular space’s aesthetics; Wood surfaces are among the most popular products utilized to build the speaker cabinets that will trendy decoration to providing great noise.

H. After-Sales Service

There is another essential element that you, as a customer, require to keep in mind when buying is the after-sales service of a specific business. Some brands excel at customer care and at providing maintenance.

It’s constantly better to attempt to increase the after-sales service that a particular business offers. Those, as discussed earlier, can usually be done by studying reviews on dependable eCommerce sites like Amazon.

As a consumer, your experience with the brand name does not typically end with purchasing the product. There might be opportunities where you would require assistance from the brand after you have brought the item.

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