Best Non Chinese Laptop Brands In India

Best Non Chinese Laptop Brands In India

Laptops are turning out to be a necessary device in this day and age as technology advances at high speed. Although it’s mostly used by students or high official workers, after the whole covid pandemic situation, it has become quite the essential item for everyone to stay connected.

After the recent controversial issue of boycotting Chinese commodities in India, people want to spend their money on the right and top laptop brands. Therefore, we are here to help you find the best non-Chinese laptop companies to avoid controversial partiality and get the best at hand.

Best Non-Chinese Laptop Brands

We have listed the 7 Best Non-Chinese Laptop Brands along with a little bit of their history as well as the best laptops that they have to offer to the public. To find out which suits you the best, continue reading below.

1. Apple

The people behind the starting of Apple Computers Incorporation were two college dropouts Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The corporation was founded in 1976, with the recorded date being the 1st of April. Both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak wanted to change how people viewed computers.

The work started out small in Steve Jobs’s garage, with the Apple I being sold without a monitor, keyboard, or casing until 1977.

However, with the introduction to color graphics, Apple II was able to revolutionize the computer industry. After Steve Wozniak and Jobs left the company in 1983 and 1985, respectively, the company was able to do well for a while due to the ongoing plans laid out by Jobs. However, when John Scully (Chosen President of Apple then and owner of PepsiCo) refused to license Microsoft’s software, their shares started to suffer slowly.

This led them to ask for help with an OS from Steve Jobs’ NeXT Software, who was also later made the CEO of Apple. He then made deals with Microsoft to create the Mac and a few new things like the iBook, which was a personal laptop, and the iPod, an mp3 player, which turned things around for the company.

Apple MacBook Pro 2020 – Best Apple Laptop

The 2020 Apple MacBook Pro is arguably the best laptop for students as well as for the people who are working.

The Apple M1 processor is able to take both power and speed to the next level. Along with its powerful 20-hour battery life, this laptop is in a league of its own among its fellow MacBooks.

The processor even claims to bring the fastest integrated graphics to a personal computer. So, if comparing integrated graphics, it can’t get any better than this.

In addition to all the powerful specs is the 16-core Neural Engine which allows machine learning to take a huge leap with jaw-dropping video analysis, voice recognition, image processing, and more. It is truly a work of art.


  • High-definition “Retina” display
  • Powerful Speakers
  • Unbelievably sleek and lightweight aluminum design
  • Fast Performance


  • Processor and RAM cannot be upgraded or replaced
  • Internal storage is also possible soldered
  • Potential overheating due to thin design
  • All models have their batteries glued
Processor Apple M1 Chip 8 Core CPU & GPU
Graphics 8 Core Apple Graphics
Storage Memory 256 GB SSD

2. Dell

From the University of Texas at Austin, Michael Dell founded Dell in his dormitory room. Michael’s idea was to sell personal computers systems to the customers directly in order to understand a customer’s needs and hand over the best possible computer system to meet those expectations.

Thus began the journey of the Dell Computer Company that started in 1984, becoming one of the leading companies in the 21st century in the computer industry when Michael received $1000 from his family to focus all his time in the business. The company’s IPO raised $30 million after Dell stock shares were being sold for $8.50 four years after its founding.

Dell also has over 78,000 employees worldwide while growing its business. Due to Dell’s exceptional progress, it was able to get on the list of Fortune 500 companies in 1992. Later in 2004, Michael had given up his CEO position in the Dell Company and spent his time with the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. However, in 2007, he came back to Dell as its CEO.

After Dell devoted their time to e-commerce and social media strategies, the company grew exponentially, making it one of the leading computer companies in the industry and one that its customers trust.

Dell 14 2in1 Touch Screen Laptop – Best Dell Laptop

The Dell 14 or Dell Inspiron 14 5410 laptop is an incredible choice for a Dell laptop. The best part, it is possible to customize its specifications. Believe it or not, through Dell’s official website, you can find 4 different configurations for this laptop with different price ranges.

The laptop can go up to the Intel Core i7 11th Gen (check difference between 10th and 11th Gen) as its processor with a 2GB Nvidia Geforce MX450 GDDR5 graphics memory. If you are willing to afford it, you can literally be zooming through your work.

As for the memory, the laptop holds 16GB RAM and 512GB of Solid State Drive. If you thought that it’s merely the processor and graphics card that make it fast, you are dead wrong.

The RAM and the SSD make booting up the laptop and other tasks lightning fast. In terms of performance, this laptop surely delivers.


  • Around 9 hours battery life
  • Fast performance
  • Attractive Industrial Design
  • 10 point touch display


  • Bouncy screen
  • Fuzzy keyboard backlight
  • Not FHD screen
  • Mechanical Hard Drive

Processor 11th Gen Intel Core i3-1125G4 Processor
Processor Speed 3.7 Ghz
Graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Storage Memory 256 GB SSD
O.S Windows 10 Home

3. HP (Hewlett-Packard)

The company was founded in 1938 by two friends who were studying electrical engineering at Stanford University. They were Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard.

They both worked part-time in a Palo Alto garage building device when they first invented the “HP Model 200A,” an oscillator used to test sound equipment.

To the surprise, 8 of these HP oscillators were bought by none other than Walt Disney for the movie theatres showing Fantasia. After this, Bill and Dave made their company the real deal in the 1940s after a coin flip between the two for the company’s name being “HP” for Hewlett-Packard or “PH” for Packard-Hewlett in 1939.

HP then establishes health care plans for its employees and much more in the future, like inventing the 524A high-speed frequency counter, which is a type of signal measuring device. This turned out to be a massive hit and led to HP shares being worth $16 after going public.

It progresses over the years, keeping up with all the industry trends and inventing new game-changing devices. Finally, in 1980, with its first personal computer, the HP-85 with intuitive peripherals and also the ability to communicate with other computers with means of connections.

HP Pavilion 14 inches FHD Laptop – Best HP Laptop

The HP Pavilion is probably one of the favorites and one of the most commonly trusted laptops in the list of non-Chinese laptop brands in India.

It also provides high performance and instant responsiveness thanks to its Intel Core i5 11th Gen processor and the Intel Iris X Graphics for creation, gaming, and entertainment with next-level speeds and quality.

Its compact design yet long battery life makes it perfect for long hours of gaming as well as work, without any fatigue, and the Full HD IPS display makes sure it’s as pleasant as possible while you do so.

Thanks to the Dual-channel DDR4 RAM, loading is less of an issue when creating massive projects. So there is no more buffering when opening digital-content files or creating them. The laptop initially comes with Windows 10, but it is upgradable to Windows 11. This makes is one of the best Windows 11 Laptops under 1 Lakh rupees.


  • Attractive build quality
  • Satisfying keyboard feel
  • Strong quad-core performance
  • High-quality audio


  • Bland display
  • Lack of power delivery
  • Slow SSD
  • Average transfer speeds
Processor 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7
Processor Speed 4.2 Ghz
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 2GB MX450 
Storage Memory 512 GB SSD
O.S Windows 10 Home

4. Asus

Four people were at the apex of Asus’ founding in 1989 in Taipei. They were T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, M.T. Liao, and Wayne Hsieh, who had been working before at Acer as computer engineers together.

Since Taiwan had no leading hardware businesses established at that time, they could not receive a supply from a company like the Intel Corporations, which provided new processors to well-established companies such as IBM.

However, Asus had created a motherboard with the Intel 488 processor in mind, for which they asked Intel for the processor in order to test. This was when they came across a problem that Intel was facing with their own motherboard.

It turned out that after ASUS fixed their issue, the motherboard that ASUS had made previously had no issues whatsoever. This led to Intel providing their samples to Asus before any of its other competitors.

Then Asus continued to grow its business by partnering up and making deals with companies like Lamborghini, Microsoft, Samsung, and Gigabyte Technology.

The company also branched out to other technologies like LCD TVs, Eee PC, support for Blu-ray, DVD writers, and later tablets and Ultrabooks. All this led to the success of Asus that we see now.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Gaming Laptop – Best Asus Laptop

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is an absolute beast, it depends on your choice how strong this beast becomes. It is considered as one of the high end laptops in India. Pick your processor from Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 to Ryzen 9, which only makes this laptop faster than before.

With 8GB RAM that can be upgraded to 24GB, along with its 1TB SSD, this laptop puts The Flash to shame.

Delivering high-performance speeds along with great quality with its Full HD 14-inch anti-glare display, this laptop is a gamer’s dream as you will never have to play high end games with low graphics to keep the frame rate up.

However, let us not forget that this is ASUS that we are talking about who has its name engraved in the minds of gamers. So, even dedicated graphics cards range from the GTX 1650 Ti 4GB up to RTX 2060.


  • High-quality display with low glare
  • Comfortable keyboard design
  • Excellent Battery life
  • Latest games can be played


  • No webcam
  • No wired Ethernet
  • CPU gets hot
  • Power connector located in the middle of the left side
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5800HS
Processor Speed 3.0 Ghz to 4.3 Ghz
Graphics NVIDIA 4GB GeForce GTX 1650 GDDR6
Storage Memory 1 TB SSD
O.S Windows 10 Home 64-bit

5. Microsoft

Bill Gates is the name that comes to mind when we think of Microsoft. However, in the early stages and beginning of Microsoft, he was not alone. Bill Gates, along with his friend Paul Allen in 1975, converted the well-known BASIC programming language to be used in an early PC known as the Altair.

Shortly after was the start of Microsoft. Both Gates and Allen continued to improve BASIC for a few years as Microsoft until a sudden request hit them. IBM in 1980 offered Microsoft to create an Operating System for IBM’s first personal computer to be named IBM PC.

Microsoft happily accepted the offer and purchased an existing operating system from a different company. They then spent their time modifying it and finally releasing it with the IBM PC as MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) in 1981.

As the operating system turned out to be a success, thanks to IBM’s reputation, most manufacturers in the field of personal computers started licensing MS-DOS as the operating system for their PCs.

Surprised by how much the company had earned from the sales and how popular MS-DOS had gotten, they continued improving in the field of operating systems. This led to the release of the third version of Windows, which was a graphical user interface in 1990. This is what changed the game for Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Touchscreen Laptop Go – Best Microsoft Laptop

Now Microsoft does hit big with its Surface Laptop Go. You get to pick your specs from 4 pre-defined configurations, which are in the order of “processor/RAM/SSD.” Now, these are i5/4/64; i5/8/128; i5/8/256; and i5/16/256. Whichever one you choose, it is still obvious that this laptop is fast, no doubt.

Additionally, Microsoft claims that this is a business laptop, and they have reasons for it. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, has 13 hours of battery life, 720 p HD webcam, and a new and improved fingerprint sensor for signing in.

No matter how you look at it, this laptop will do everything in its power to make sure you are never late for your online meeting or presentations.


  • Fast CPU
  • Windows 11 compatible
  • High quality and stylish build
  • New fingerprint reader


  • Maximum of 256GB storage
  • Less than 1080p display
  • Underwhelming base specifications
  • No backlit keyboard
Processor 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1
Processor Speed 1 Ghz
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics
Storage Memory 256 GB SSD
O.S Windows 10 Home

6. Samsung

Samsung as a company was established in South Korea, which is now one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices. However, believe it or not, Samsung wasn’t an electronics company in its starting years.

Lee Byung-Chull originally founded Samsung on 1st March 1938 as a grocery trading store.

After the War, Lee expanded his business into textiles to help Korea redevelop for the effects of the war. The company grew over the years when finally, in 1969, it first entered the electronics industry.

With their first products as black and white televisions in the 1970s, the company was only growing in the field of electronics. After all sorts of experiences such as hardships as well as bright sides, the birth of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone series took place in the 2000s.

This was when Samsung undoubtedly became one of the leading companies in the field, bigger than ever. The smartphones turned out to be the company’s best-selling products and were also among the best-selling smartphones in the world.

From there on out, the smartphones only improved and got more advanced and stylish while being cheaper than those like iPhones while helping Samsung be a greater success than it already was.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Intel Evo Platform Laptop – Best Samsung Laptop

  • 15.6-inch Display Screen
  • Intel i7 11th Gen Processor
  • Windows 11 Operating System
  • 20 Hours of Battery
  • 8 GB RAM size
  • 512GB Storage Memory

Check Price

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Evo is a laptop that is hard to compare. All the features that it provides in one laptop are rare to find. The one thing that Samsung does best is with its display.

This laptop, with its 13.6 inch AMOLED screen display, will pull you into its world in an immersive rollercoaster. However, that is not all that this laptop has to offer.

Its sleek and ultrathin design makes it one of the lightest laptops on the market. In addition, the Intel Core i7 11th Gen, 8GB of RAM, 512GB of SSD, and up to 21 hours of battery life make it an incredible speedster that just doesn’t get tired. It’s safe to say that there is barely anything more to ask from this laptop.


  • Vivid AMOLED display
  • Thin and lightweight design
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • S pen integration is exceptional


  • Comparatively big bezels
  • Many preloaded applications
  • Shallow keyboard
  • No stylus garage
Processor 11th Gen Intel i7 Processor
Graphics Intel Integrated Graphics
Storage Memory 512 GB SSD
O.S Windows 10 Home

7. MSI

The world-renowned MSI was launched in 1988 by Paul Strasser, who had been part of some of the largest marketing research firms. After which, he had realized that there must be a better way of doing market research, and thus was the birth of MSI.

After all these years of growth, MSI is now the most trusted brand in the field of gaming and eSports.

Turning days into night and night into days, MSI dedicated all it had to improve the eSports community and help aspiring gamers to reach new levels along with MSI. Time after time, MSI was able to surpass itself and set new standards in the world of gaming and still doing so with just as much enthusiasm.

It’s Gaming Series provides high-level laptops, graphics cards with unfathomable performance, monitors, desktops, motherboards, and all possible gaming gear.

MSI also pioneered incredible developments in fields like AI, enterprise computing, and IoT. Apart from years of hard work and unbeatable gaming hardware, MSI has sponsored over 20 eSports teams over the years and continues to support it in every way possible, from hosting gaming tournaments to strategies that help grow the community and gamers with innovative technology, winning time after time.

MSI Bravo 15 AMD Ryzen 5 FHD Gaming Laptop – Best MSI Laptop

Finally, we have the MSI Bravo 15, to which I might add that “Bravo” is an understatement. This laptop will be unlike anything you might have witnessed before. Just when you think that’s it, you realize there is more, and it’s better.

This laptop brings the AMD Ryzen 5 processor along with 8GB of RAM and 4GB of Radeon dedicated Graphics. This already makes it insanely strong for high-end gaming.

However, there is more as it allows its 15.6-inch display to enable 144Hz, and, believe it or not, the above-mentioned 8GB RAM can be upgraded up to a whopping 64GB. Combine that with its 512GB SSD, and this laptop is flying at the speed of light, and it’s taking you with it for the journey.


  • Adequately priced
  • Backlit keyboard with good travel
  • Up to 64GB of memory
  • 144Hz display option is available


  • No SD card reader
  • Heating issue
  • Trackpad clicking dead zones
  • Drivers are not up to the mark
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 Hera Core 5600H
Graphics AMD Radeon RX5500M
Storage Memory 512 GB SSD
O.S Windows 10 Home


Even after looking at the non-Chinese laptop brands, you still might want to see the best laptops they have to offer. Luckily, we had that information up for you. Hopefully, we were able to answer questions like “is hp a Chinese company?”, “is asus a Chinese company?” and especially “What are the best non-Chinese laptop companies/brands?”

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